Thursday, December 20, 2012

PSP 2012 Year In Review Part 1

Overall, I'd rate 2012 as a mediocre year for Princess Sparkle Pony. I had a tendency towards sloth. Lately, for instance, I haven't been posting much at all, and that is definitely a temporary thing. It's mostly because the big news these days is the whole "fiscal waterfall" or whatever, and to be honest, this stuff really baffles and bores me, so it's hard for me to come up with anything "clever" about something I don't understand very well.

But! There were some star performers and some of my favorite pieces of writing here over the last twelve months. For the first third of the year or so, Callista Gingrich really dominated this blog, and the exciting Callistayear will be recounted in part two of this series. Other than the magnificent Moon Goddess Calley-Lou, here are some of the highlights of PSP in 2012:

Get it? Get it? MITT and RICE!!!

  • July 8: Bill Kristol gets in on the hot Condi Veep Rumors™ action.
  • July 12: Drudge ignites volatile (and, of course, wrong) Condi Veep Rumors™.
  • July 13: Condi Veep Rumors™ sideshow tent explodes
  • July 18: Is "surrogate" the political media cliché of the year? It turns out that it's not (see below), but it seemed like it at the time.
  • July 27: Concerned that Mitt Romney wasn't offending the British quite enough, I offered some suggestions that would really send them over the edge.


  • August 15: Almost heartwarming story of how a gay PSP caricature ended up on the chests of a bunch of straight football fans.
  • August 16: Stupid Sexy Condi forces me to write about football two days in a row.
  • August 23: Worst sentence to ever appear in the Washington Post identified. Go Jen!
  • August 28: What, is it time to make fun of Gay Aaron Schock™ again? OK. You want more? OK. Satisfied? No? OK. Sheesh!
  • August 29: Politico startles by revealing the Condibot to be a real thing, not just a satirical, rhetorical device.

Next: Callista 2012!


Michael Strickland said...

If that's sloth, then we are all slow-motion slackers. Congrats.

Muscato said...

What Michael said! All that richness, and still the Callistapalooza to go. Congratulations on a marvelous year.

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog, no matter what the year, and the subject -- Happy Everything!