Thursday, March 08, 2012

Adieu, Jean Schmidt, Wicked Witch Of Southwest (Ohio)

I've been remiss. Of course I noticed that erstwhile Sparklefave Jean Schmidt lost her seat in Congress. I was surprised!

As far as Sparkle Pony regulars go, Mean Jean was so incredible right out of the gate! I really thought she was going to be a fabulous ongoing PSP superstar, like Ursula Plassnik or the Condibot. But alas, Jean peaked early and then fizzled out, putting her squarely into the category of Sparklefave also-rans who never caught traction, like Yulia Tymoshenko (jeez, did THAT story ever get depressing. Poor Yulia!), Micheline Calmy-Rey, or King Abdullah of Jordan after he shaved his beard off.

Honestly, for the past couple of years, I've dutifully plugged "Jean Schmidt" into the news search engines hoping for fresh, fun Jeanproduct, but she has been relentlessly uninteresting, and camera-shy to boot. I simply couldn't get into her whole Turkish/Armenian or whatever lobbying thing, it was so dull. I like to think that she got bounced from office as punishment for having the most boring scandal.

But, gosh, we did have some good times! Here's a review of PSP Jean Schmidt coverage:

  • 11-23-05: PSP falls so in love with exciting new starlet Jean Schmidt that I begged you all to Photoshop mean pictures of her for me. Later that day, the contest was quickly won.
  • 12-16-05: Don't stare at Jean's chest unless you are prepared to deal with what you see there.
  • 12-19-05: Or unless you are prepared to have nightmares about what you see there.
  • 02-21-06: Anti-tax activists employ baked goods in order to vicariously experience the thrill of cutting off Jean's head.
  • 07-06-08 (On Wonkette): Jean's evil twin's call to arms.
  • 11-21-06: PSP celebrates Jean's reelection.
  • 03-15-07: This post contains my favorite ever sentence about Jean: "Would you believe me if I said that Jean Schmidt slipped on a pool of vomit today?"
  • 01-31-08: Jean promises, but then fails to deliver, a new, "less severe" hairdo.
  • 11-04-08: PSP celebrates Jean's reelection with a sad, ironic statement: "Jean Schmidt isn't going anywhere, folks."

Happy trails, Mean Jean!


The Cat's Meow said...

Next thing you know, Gallery On Baum will be selling that last cel, claiming it's actually from "Duck Amuck."

Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

Mean, green Jean.

Not everyone is tapped for extended PSP star power. It's called survival of

... oh, never mind.

Peteykins said...

Cat's Meow, I'm actually kind of surprised that GoB hasn't sold any Chuck Jones forgeries, as far as I can tell. Stay tuned, however, for some other highly problematic animation art from them.

samael7 said...

My word, such a fun little trip back through the Rogue's Gallery of PSP Past.

The Green Jean was pretty quintessential Jean. You knew most of what you needed to just by looking at that picture.

But I had totaly forgotten Micheline and Yulia. How could I have forgotten Yulia!? The braid! The mandala!

The Cat's Meow said...

OMG, Princess, we would be beside ourselves if Greco tried to sell Jones forgeries. We worship Jones. Well... okay, I should clarify: We revere the ENTIRE Termite Terrace gang, but particularly Jones. Our house is full of Jones. (Real Jones.) If Greco tried to sell forged Jones stuff, we'd be as outraged as you are about Bushmiller. I fear, however, that it will be tried, because like other cartoonists and animators, Jones's lines got less precise as he aged, and, bless his heart, he is conveniently dead. Ugh, I'm getting all worked up already. What do you know? What have you got? Should I take a Valium?