Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Believe In The Tricks

Yes! I was sitting at home, just finalizing my "pretend to not be here" strategies, when I realized: it's 6:30, and everybody who has a kid is now busy, and most other people are at home awaiting their presumed duty to provide mass-manufactured snack foods to walking billboards for the latest Disney and Paramount film franchises. In other words: Halloween. But then! What a wonderful moment of realization! It was the perfect, perfect time to go and early-vote.

This was my second try. I made a leisurely stroll to the polling place on Saturday morning at about 11 AM, and was horror-struck to see thousands of people waiting in a snaky long line to use a measly four voting machines. Dejected and feeling a lot less clever, I slunk away defeated.

Not tonight, though! Tonight there were only 10 people in front of me, waiting to use 10 machines. It took... 10 minutes. Tens all around!

It was fun. Thank you, Halloween, for keeping people occupied!


rptrcub said...

Well hello there, bearded man.

Angry Parakeet said...

My X and I used to go to the shooting range on Valentine's Day evening. It was always empty on that obligatory dinner date night.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't I think of that??! I waited in line for about 1/2 hour at 6pm. If I had just waited until dark, it would've been so much nicer. Oh, and if you go vote, don't take a Kindle. It's IL-LEGAL. No way, no how.


sleepy in saudi said...

We voted via fax machine because we are old school, however , we are true blue even though we are not among the smarty-pants crowd . 2 votes for Obama! God, it feels good to say that because our surrounding expats are rabid REDS. sigh.........the face book thingy I look at every morning is really sad..

Frank said...

What shirt did you wear to vote? Something kicky in blue, I hope!

Also, ROWR!

Johannes der Taucher said...

Other "tricks":

- Night skiing on New Year's Eve, or all day on Super Bowl Sunday.
- Flying on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day.
- The cinema at nightfall on Independence Day.
- Dinner out on Halloween (nice restaurants only, alas).

Next up: How best to exploit Election eve, especially in Washington, DC?

Anyway, glad you voted. One more ballot for the good guys.

Aunt Snow said...

You voted! That's the most important thing.