Sunday, July 08, 2012

Bill Kristol Would Like To Stir Up Some Condi Veep Rumors™, Please

Oh, haw, The Weekly Standard. LOL. Bill Kristol wrote a ridiculous column about how... well, what? Surely he's not saying that Condi is going to actually be Romney's running mate, is he? Not really. He's basically doing what Condi Veep Rumormongers always do: closing his eyes and crossing his fingers and saying wouldn't it be great? over and over. And all this is because she "wowed the crowd" at a recent campaign event, and "seemed to impress" Mitt. Plus, she's, like, totally a chick and has life experience 'n' stuff. Perfect!

Kristol wraps up with this brilliant comedy laff-riot:

Let me be clear: I'm not advocating the selection of Rice. I'm just reading the tea leaves, and the biggest tea leaf out there right now is Ann Romney's comment. It makes sense to take Ann Romney seriously. Cherchez la femme!

Yes, it totally, totally makes sense. 


Matty Boy said...

Is she still unmarried, or has she moved to a state that will let her marry?

The Cat's Meow said...

If the VP-woman thing (and I guess that includes Condi) were true, since the Romney campaign has repeatedly said that the only two people who know what's going on are Willard and the woman running his search, don't we think that one of the two of them should have been a source on Bill K.'s slobbering meanderings? ("Tea leaves"!) Or is Ann R. a credible source on the search, meaning that the press now can ask her things like, "Is the Marco Rubio stuff for real, or just a charade?" Or... wait! Maybe Ann's just an "expert" on the girls who are allegedly being vetted! If so, can the press ask her who those girls are? (Which brings us back to Bill K.'s slobbering meanderings.) Just sayin', this stuff is so silly even our lamestream media are falling down on the job. But thank goodness, we have Princess Sparkle Pony.

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

One good thing about being a mormon presidential candidate is that you're allowed to have multiple running mates.

Anonymous said...

The only good thing about these rumors is that they will give the brilliant PSP an opportunity to make us laugh at one of the world's greatest intellectual fakes.

jg said...

If, like Kristol, your main interest in politics is in getting the US to fight Israel's wars for it, you want a veep who's willing to send poor American children off to die in the desert. Cheney's not available, Wolfowitz & Pearle aren't vettable, Powell's gone rogue, so Condi's your last choice.

samael7 said...

Obviously, I'm reading backward through time (I was away from the internet's teat for a couple of weeks), and it's been great watching in reverse the "balloon" of this rumor, again.

One thing, though, that's troubling me lately: I use Bill Kristol as kind of an anti-Oracle. Basically, I just assume that the opposite of whatever he's saying is going to actually happen. It's pretty damn accurate.

And so, of course, this one qualifies. But he's been sayin' some stuff about Romney and Bain that . . . well, made sense and I agreed with.

You understand why I find this troubling. Not the Condi stuff, though. That's gold.