Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fischer Queen


Condi spoke on Monday to something called the "Global Financial Leadership Conference," which I think was a gathering of rich people who want to send your job to New Delhi, and for which she was probably paid more than you make in a year, so what are you doing wrong? Hmmm?

At the Guggenheim-esque podium, Dr. Ferragamo was watched intently by a thirty-foot hologram of herself.

Condi spoke about things 'n' stuff.  She said that America needs to "get its economic house in order," which I'm sure came as a revelation to a room full of rich businessmen who were totally expecting her to say exactly the opposite. She also talked about not liking politics and not wanting to run for president which, of course, means that we'll never hear a Condi Veep Rumor ever, ever again, at least until we hear them again in a few months. So there was that.

Speaking of Condi disliking politics, how did all of her energetic endorsements work out this election cycle? Let's see, she endorsed loser Mitt Romney, loser Mia Love, loser Sandy Adams, loser Ben Quayle, loser Tommy Thompson, loser Dick Lugar, loser Kim Vann, loser Judy Biggert, but also Nebraska winner Deb Fischer!

So way to go, Condi! You got one right! Wooooooo!

Rice/Fischer 2016!!!!!!!

Thank you Pony Pal™ Sarah for sending me the article linked above.


Lulu Maude said...

Today is her birthday, too! I heard it on the radio!

Rather than Rice-Fischer, it should be Fischer-Rice. Then they could have lines of dollies and trucks and easy bake ovens. And pink ponies.

Aunt Snow said...

Dear Princess, thanks for this. What is Condi wearing, anyway, some kind of horse blanket? And what a sneer.

Not to digress too much, I await with great anticipation your opinions on the Khawam twins of the most recent scandal, that is: Jill Kelley and her sister Natalie - or, as I like to call them, the Kudzu Kardashians of Tampa, Florida.

Anonymous Bosch said...

Oh but she's so fierce! And is that the Guggenheim, or the prow of the Titanic? She looks like she's indefatigably going down with the ship.