Wednesday, December 05, 2012

"Do Not Touch The Condibot. Do Not Annoy The Condibot. Do Not Place Objects In Or Near The Condibot's Mouth. Do Not Attempt To Tamper With Any Of The Condibot's Settings."

(Photo: Sparkle Pony Flashback to March 27, 2007)

I've described before how Condi makes her living these days: she spends time at Stanford; she goes to big, expensive trade events; she gives 5-10-minute speeches at these events; the organizers of these events present Condi with five-figure checks to thank her for the strenuous performances. That's what she does. Over and over and over. She is one of the luckiest ducks on Earth.

But what's it like, I wonder, to be on the other end? What's it like to host the Disneytronic Condibot? Is it a gracious guest? Churlish? Needy? Fun? Evidently not the latter:

Ms. Rice is a strict presenter. High profile security was deliberately evident at all times. Forbidding rules and regulations for her time with us were read from the podium in advance, constraining the previously relaxed but suddenly snapped to attention participants in attendance; no video, no audio, nor still photography permitted. Questions must be submitted in writing, and will be received at the end of the formal presentation. Thankfully no instructions were given about chewing gum or proper posture.

Sounds edgy! But what I wish the author would do, at this point, is to give a summary of her talents which sounds suspiciously like a high school drama instructor's appraisal of a smart yet irritating student. Oh, good, he does:

Her presence on the other hand was pleasant. She is engaging, bright more than warm, but by no means exuding anything less than giving respectfully, sincerely, and whole-heartedly to her audience. She is a talented and responsible communicator, well prepared, polished, and appropriate to the assignment. She has a genuine presence, and seemed glad to be with a groups so primarily characterized by faith. 

Bright more than warm ha, ha, ha. He then goes on to call her a "fully endowed politician," which, EW.


Matthew Hubbard said...

They let her back in Jerusalem.

AND she consented to go!

I guess all that "LaCondel" unpleasantness is either forgiven or forgotten.

Dave Dewey said...

I wonder If you're familiar with Steve Earle's great tune "O, Condi, Condi".

LuluMaude said...

...with a groups so primarily characterized by faith...

Coming soon: Condi at the 700 Club, Condi at Westboro Baptist...

With all her rules, she can afford to be gracious, I guess.