Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sparkle Pony 2008 Review Part Four

October was pretty much a month made for PSP as torrents of "news" about hairdos, shoes and fashions simply fell into my waiting lap. At first I resisted, but then threw up my hooves, surrendered to its siren-like call and went ahead and posted 129 items (!) about the stupidest month in American political history. Some highlights:


12-01: Condi got to meet the Queen! In her bathrobe!
12-03: Beard-killer Obama pretended to miss Bill's.
12-07: I optimistically introduced the soon-to-be-mothballed Bill Richardson Facial Hair Alert System.
12-08: I worried about false idols.
12-10: NPR asked Condi if she were sick of "blogs that follow your hairstyles and shoes."
12-11: We fell in love with Blago's hair.
12-12: CNN fell in love with PSP falling in love with Blago's hair.
12-14: Middle Eastern Shoe Art Renaissance got off to a flying start.
12-17: We briefly considered Sarah Palin gift baskets for all our friends.
12-22: We contemplated theft.

All in all, it was a fantastically stupid year, one uniquely suited to the focus of this blog. This new year provides much upon which to speculate: will the Middle Eastern Shoe Renaissance grow in sophistication and influence? Will Condi really not become "arm chair SoS" on the Sunday shows like she promised? Will Ursula Plassnik remain out of the public eye? Will Papa Bear Richardson get his groove back?

Stay tuned!


Karen Zipdrive said...

So sorry about Papa Bear's dilemma. I guess he gave out too many picnic baskets to his bear buddies.

dguzman said...

Some alerts are doomed before they even start. sigh.

Cynic Al said...

Excellent "Year in Review".
The only noteworthy story I did not see re-visited was "LeCondel".
Or is that much ado about nothing?

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

"Lecondel" was coined in 2007.

Cynic Al said...

My apologies.

samael7 said...

Well, mothballing the BRFHAS is all you can do at this point. If poppa bear manages to come out of the investigation clean as a whistle, I expect we'll be hearing from him again. Otherwise, his career will probably join the alert system.

Anonymous said...

What would '08 have been without PSP? Perhaps such an entry could be included -- as a bright spot -- in any future "Journal of the Plague Year."

Nelly Frittata said...

I really appreciated your "little tizzy fit" of October 17, because from the moment Sarah Palin was nominated till the moment Obama won, I was pretty much in a constant state of tizziness about Palin, which you, dear PSP, articulated much better than I could.