Thursday, October 02, 2008

With Cindy McCain Off the Campaign Trail, Our Eyes Wander to Other Political Wives Worldwide

(No photo credit provided. Tsk, Huffington Post!)

The Huffington Thing™ has a wonderful slide show of political gal-pals from around the world, and it's truly a worthy diversion. Some of them are gorgeous, like, duh, that French lady; some are adorable, like Japan's Kiyoko Fukuda; some are frumpy, like Horst Kohler's frau. Etc., etc. The first lady of Qatar, seen above, however, is so intensely, earth-shatteringly fabulous that she must come from some very expensive planet far, far away. I'd say that I worship her, but clearly I am not worthy.

A rapid batting of the glitter-encrusted eyelashes to Pony Pal™ Greg (who enthuses, "Gumby is alive!") for the tip!


Matty Boy said...

It's actually Glenn Close from Sunset Boulevard wearing the specially designed costume for a St. Patrick's Day performance.

But for fabulousness, the Princess is absolutely correct. If all pantsuits were this striking, no woman would ever be chastised for wearing one.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Oh, yum.

Anonymous said...

PSP - Will you send her your green hush-puppies as a gift?

lebecka said...

Just thinkin' that our future First Lady Michelle would def. be able to pull this off too; but why cover up her gorgeous hair? I'd recommend a wide green headband for Mrs. Obama to wear with this outfit.

samael7 said...


I love green. Looks like someone else does too.

WHOAH! She looks like she could whip out some jujutsu. The last thing you see coming is a green blur, and then . . . darkness.

Anonymous said...

My 13 year old daughter's comment upon seeing the first lady of Qatar's outfit: "Oh my god, is there a fruit convention in town & she's the lime?"

Anonymous said...

lebecka: Fabulous!! YOU have the vision America needs. On First Lady Michelle yes please! (and in the world of TOTAL fantasy -- the green headband and a lovely afro. Real-politic be damned. At least for fashion.)

never thought I'd fall for a tuxedo stripe.