Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCain Smears Obama by Associating Him with Inept Sitcom Characters

OK, so I was totally catching up with the McCain campaign, and I noticed that one of their recent TV spots trots out two familiar names, Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko, and one new, puzzling one: lovable sitcom mainstay William "Bill" Daily.

And I can see what McCain is trying to do: Daily's character in I Dream of Jeannie, Roger Healey, was a treacherous bachelor, an unrepentant hedonist always trying to steal Larry Hagman's adorable slave away; in the Bob Newhart Show, Bill played Howard Borden, an inept man-child who was somehow trusted to pilot commercial airlines and always managed to make life difficult for Bob and gorgeous Suzanne Pleshette with his bumbling shenanigans. OK, so they're not the greatest role models.

Daily had a long, distinguished career in Hollywood, and I guess he somehow got involved in Chicago politics through a series of events I really don't understand, but throwing him into the mix with Ayers and Rezko is bound to backfire. I mean, people loved Bill Daily! Did you ever see him on Match Game? Or ALF? So good!

Yes, yes, this is the whole "Obama as celebrity" thing, but this is not going to work. Just you wait. Plus, the picture McCain uses in his ad is so bad it totally doesn't even look like him! And he misspells his name! How embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Your're on a roll these days. Please keep up the productivity and excellence!

AerialPJ said...

And really...outside of those of us who know the shows...Anyone under the age of 30 is just confused!!!

samael7 said...

It's a more insidious smear that's just trying to tie Obama, somehow, with Charles Nelson Reily.

dguzman said...

What would Brett Sommers say?


kh7463 said...

Are you sure they're talking about Hollywood's Bill Dailey and not Bill Daley, the Chicago mayor's brother? Because that guy is kinda shady.