Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes! Yes! Yes! Jean Schmidt Wins!

Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio, waits in line to vote,Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008 in Loveland, Ohio. (AP Photo/David Kohl)

Yay! So this election hasn't been a total loss to political satirists after all! Jean Schmidt isn't going anywhere, folks. Probs Michele Bachmann, too! I'm assuming this is what all the cheering and such going on outside is all about. So happy!

Any other interesting results?


FranIAm said...

Rather than death warmed over she is like death cooled down.

TexasYankee said...

She is almost as severe as Katie Couric.

dorothy said...

So that is what the Opus Dei types are wearing this season.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Sheesh, Part II.

dguzman said...

First a trademark-great post from the Princess; then award-winning comments from the Pony worshippers!

Any comments on what Cindy was wearing at the wake last night, Princess?

Matty Boy said...

Yes, you still have Michele Bachmann to kick around.

I mean, celebrate and worship.

But just over 50% of the citizens of California have shown strong anti-Princess tendencies, and no more marriages until the state Supreme Court knocks this crap down again.

So... boo.

Terry said...

La Cindy looked fab last night but the dress was kind of stiff looking, wasn't it?

I think the BEST outfit on either stage was Joe Biden's mom. She was entirely appropriate for her age and her position, and even though she's like 5 ft tall, your eyes went right to her. The Obama girls (what cute kids) were my second choice for Best Outfits.

Lulu Maude said...

I am so glad that the Pink Pony will ever be with us... just as we have all this sun, we needs our rain, too.

drew in sf said...

You keep track of Jean Schmidt's death mask so we don't have to?

You keep track of Michele Bachmann's bat-shit craziness so we don't have to?

BTW, Facebookers can check out the rant that I wrote after prowling the bittersweet streets of San Francisco last night:

pissed off patricia said...

If she's going back to the House, who the hell are we going to get to play the witch in the local production of the Wizard of Oz?