Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sarah Palin eBay Fire Sale Remnants Roundup

We haven't heard anything for days from the Alaskan nincompoop, and that makes me (kinda) sad. Craving some Sarah, I headed to eBay to see what kind of steeply-discounted stuff I could buy, fondle, etc. I should probably pick up the above Garbage Palin Kids parody sticker to go with my voluminous GPK collection, but, oh, there's so much more!

Bobbleheads! Several to choose from, some at rock-bottom prices. I think I like the armed one the best:

Are you a sports fan? Never mind that a Sarah Palin autographed baseball makes no sense whatsoever, you clearly need this:

Here's amusing proof that Sarah would pretty much sign anything thrust in her general direction, an autographed copy of the infamous mustachioed Newsweek cover:

Of course, not all Sarah Palin merchandise looks to the past:

Wow, that hat is totally Helveticalicious! And just like Palin herself, it's 100% polyester.

But anyway, there's no shortage of Palin stuff for sale. Still! And most of it is super-cheap, so I think you should consider putting together entire SP gift baskets for your loved ones this holiday season. Just picture the confused looks on their faces!

My favorite, though (besides the poignantly mistaken "we can do it" Rosie the Riveter merchandise) is the music CD by the Singing Roofer:

He explains:

seems like the Hollywood folks don't care much for our girl Sarah well folks let me tell ya she has given me new hope four our system a good breath of fresh air last election I voted for Martha Stewart as a protest vote no joke and three times washington state counted it and three times they wouldnot regester it why have sign in blanks?? this copy of your own SINGing Roofer will be signed by Don recorded in the old wooldshead Maybelle museum some fast country type songs and a couple of Don's new Christmas songs and some 50 's rock type songs and a couple of Gospel tunes

Sounds good to me! Happy shopping!


FranIAm said...

Seeing this post makes me wax nostalgic for my DC trip in November. Of course I got to pony around with some of DC's finest glitterati - ahem - present company very much included.

I also got to peruse the gift shop at the Hyatt Regency where there was a veritable cornucopia of McCain/Palin merchandise piled high on a table with a big 75% sign!

BTW, maybe it is just me, but that Rosie the Riveter Sarah pin screams out "I'm a fister! We CAN do it!

Lulu Maude said...

(gasp) Miss Fran!!

I remain in awe of the lengths you will go, dear Pony, in finding newsworthy items for this blog.

I'd better hustle if I want to get the gospel album. It would be perfect for my sister-out-law who gifted us with some really dreadful Swedish Christmas songs last year.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Fran, I wish you had taken a picture of that table!

FranIAm said...

Regrets Princess - I do have a few. Not snapping that photo is but one.

Deep sigh.

dguzman said...

Holy run-on sentence, Batman. That little blurb from Mr. Oh-Man makes this former English prof want to throw up.

Madduane said...

I'm kinda tempted to go order me a special gospel CD but I don't know if I have space in my wooldshead for one a them things times bein' what they are?? so maybe I could just make me a cool 50 's rock type song about our girl Sarah check back with me in a little while maybe I will have somethin' for ya let me tell ya folks it could be a good breath of fresh air

Matty Boy said...

A world of people want to sing the praises of the Divine Ms. Sarah, but what of poor Joe the Plumber? The Wurtzelbacher stands alone, his book for Christmas still unavailable on Amazon, his recording contract no more than a broken promise. Where is the punctuationally challenged tradesman to sing for him and wear his cheaply made t-shirt? Must he do everything himself?

Sad just isn't the word for it.

drew in sf said...

I think I'll hold off I'm waiting for the CD from The Wailing Copy Editor...

zoe said...

Finally, some presents the relatives in Bakersfield will enjoy. What a relief. Holiday shopping completed...

Anonymous said...

Hey, be nice! I'm all four (sic) redneck idiots that can't spell or even capitalize properly.

Has anyone noticed only stupid people like this "woman"?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Fuckin' FranI Am.
She never misses a chance to rub it in that she met the Pony in person.
Good thing she and I are friends or I might be tempted to say something snippy about her.

Kathy said...

What makes him think Hollwood doesn't like Sarah? They're already planning a mini-series about her life. Meryl Streep wants to play Sarah.