Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sparkle Pony 2008 Review Part One

What a year! Is it just me, or was 2008 unusually well-suited for a blog mainly about shoes and hairdos? Let's review the year in... um... shoes and hairdos, and one or two other topics:




*True! The posts about the Struts really were the most linked things on this blog for the longest period of time, maybe even more than Sarah Palin. Something about these horrible toys really struck a nerve. It's nice to see, in retrospect, that they're now pretty much done; they didn't catch on. The whorses flopped.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Bravo on your Sparkly 2008 Review.
I hope I'm not in error, but didn't Ursula Plasnik show up in a 2008photo wearing Chuck Taylor's bacon and egg high tops?
If so, I think the shot merits inclusion...not that I am trying to tell you your business or anything.
Happy New Year, Petey.

Anonymous said...

Princess, I'm going to post your Florida license plate on my own blog (with link and full credit, of course). If that's a problem, just let me know at this address:

dguzman said...

Thank goodness the American people saw the whorror in those whorses and refused to buy them!