Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Romney Fails Tim Test

Vindication! OK, in the past I've moaned about how people may decry an obsession with something as "unimportant" as hairdos when, in fact, follicular arrangement can enhance or damage a career (ask John Edwards, the Spears girl, Nick Nolte). And so it is, too, with footwear issues. Ben Bernanke and Paul Wolfowitz, for instance, found out that even socks can be a headache, and Jim Webb's boots received much favorable coverage on the campaign trail in 2006 and became a powerful, perhaps even campaign-winning, symbol of his run. And do I really need to remind Pony Pals™ of Condi's signature gaffe, her "I'd rather be shopping" trip to Ferragamo during the Katrina crisis?

And so I greatly enjoyed Kevin Merida's peculiar article in this morning's Washington Post about Mitt Romney's speech to employees of Timberland yesterday in New Hampshire. Mitt gave a fine talk, by all accounts, but then committed a grave error by not following up and purchasing a pair of the awful foot uglifiers at the company's heavily-discounted store.

Unfortunately, Merida doesn't really take his subject seriously, nor does he understand Timberland's place in the footwear food chain (they're NOT hip or stylish; that's the whole point; that's why they're banned at clubs) and he basically hands the rest of the article over to Timberland CEO Jeff Swartz ("When I put on Timberlands, I feel unstoppable."), who nevertheless does understand the bigger issues brought on by the subject, even if the Post reporter is unwilling to critically analyze them.

The real issue here is elitists vs. populists, and Romney's failure to purchase a pair of the woefully ubiquitous Tims puts him squarely in the former category, unwilling to mix with the hoi polloi and unfazed by an unneeded bargain. Huckabee probably bought 500 pairs and sent them to the troops or something.

Gross. You wouldn't catch me dead in a pair of Tims. But then again, I gleefully admit to being an elitist. And I'm not running for office.


karenzipdrive said...

I'm a dyke and even I won't wear Timberlands.

dguzman said...

I only wear them when I'm birding, because I don't care what happens to them.

On a more serious note, may I offer this endorsement? "When I'm reading PSP, I'm unstoppable!"

Inaudible Nonsense said...

Hmm.. I don't follow here, maybe I have a playa fetish (okay, I do!), but I love me some tims. I can't pull them off, but whenever I see a boy wearing them? I swoon... Sigh...

ProblemWithCaring said...

I love you Princess Pony!

And though I know that here in Condiland, "familiarity with Black Men" is an anathema, in those very circles, Timberlands are still the height of fashion. They are a staple in the wardrobes of Kobe, Will, Kanye, even Tiger. (Wait is he black? I digress.)

Ergo your ban at clubs. Its more about keeping away a certain person (group of persons), than rejecting/commenting on a specific fashion aesthetic. It’s like Roc-A Wear. Hideous clothes and bags that had about billion in sales last year.

So the elites and the cool are wearing them. Just those Elitist and Cool While Black. Which I guess, in America means about, what, 3/4 as cool as say an Olsen Twin…