Saturday, January 17, 2009

Condi Nasty: The Secretary of State's Shoes, Hairdos, and Fabulous Fashions, Part One, 2005

I simply can't let Condoleezza Rice, the enigmatic figure who has been –and will likely continue to be– the primary focus of this blog, wave goodbye without a proper send-off. Consider this: however you may feel about what aspect of Condi's tenure at the State Department upon which I chose to focus, what many would consider to be the unimportant things (the shoes, the hairdos, the fabulous fashions), I feel that I have covered those things more extensively –and intensively– than any other web site.

I started this blog one month after Condi was named Secretary of State, February 25, 2005, the very same day Robin Givhan published her Condiverse-shattering essay on La Rice's long black coat and sexy boots (above). But in retrospect, Givhan's fawning praise wrote a check Condi ended up not cashing:

Rice boldly eschewed the typical fare chosen by powerful American women on the world stage. She was not wearing a bland suit with a loose-fitting skirt and short boxy jacket with a pair of sensible pumps. She did not cloak her power in photogenic hues, a feminine brooch and a non-threatening aesthetic.

Ironically, what Givhan praises Condi for not doing is an exact description of what we ended up getting for the next four years. But anyway! In 2005, Condi was freshly-scrubbed, liked to wear red, and had an adorable flip hairdo. Here are the highlights from year one:

  • 01-26: Senate confirms Condi!
  • 02-25: Robin Givhan writes about Condi's domilicious boots.
  • 02-25: Princess Sparkle Pony debuts.
  • 03-13: Bob Schieffer can hardly keep his composure, asks Condi about the boots.
  • 03-30: Queen Latifah on Condi: "Can we really lay a hot-comb to that head?"
  • 04-06: I realize that Condi's hairdo requires constant vigilance.
  • 04-12: PSP documents "matching armchairs" phenomenon for the first time.

(Reuters, 04-12)

(Image by Pony Pal™ Uncle Splatty)

(Reuters 10-11-05)

(Image by Pony Pal z7q2)

Quite a year for Condi! 2005 started with her being rewarded for her dismal performance as national security advisor by being promoted to secretary of state, and ended with America's Princess Diplomat at maximum over-exposure and fake credibility. This was truly Condi's honeymoon year. Accomplishments? Are you serious?

Stay tuned for 2006 (the best Condiyear), 2007, and 2008/9!


Muscato said...

O, Princess - what wildly mixed feelings this retrospective brings - wild cackles of evil laughter, subtle snorts of snark, outright shrieks of derision, and most of all - all those glorious memories...

But at least we know you'll carry on. I have a feeling that the future will hold a fair share of material suitable for your sharp eye and sharper tongue.

Lulu Maude said...

This retrospective is a joy.

I am thankful that you are not a one-trick Pony, but I do wonder if your mission statement at the beginning of your blog will have to be rewritten.

Whose 'do will you keep track of next?

Anonymous said...

I am going to miss that "Condi Roundup" graphic so much. I always thought they should have included it on State's web site over her itinerary.

Peteykins said...

Thanks, but fear not, John, because I love that logo and I'm sure I'll use it many, many times in the future.

Unknown said...

I wonder if you are familiar with the song by musician Steve Earle titled "O, Condi, Condi". It makes a wonderful background track for reading your consistently entertaining and informative blog.

Unknown said...

I wonder if you have heard the song "O, Condi, Condi" by musician Steve Earle. Thank you for the consistently entertaining and informative blog