Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sparkle Pony 2008 Review Part Three

  • 07-02: Condi came to the Xbox.
  • 07-14: Win a dream date with Condi for $750,000.
  • 07-15: Here's the moment I started falling in love with Cindy McCain.
  • 07-22: Tragedy struck when Jordan's adorable Bear King shaved off his beard. For Obama. I swear, just as Bill Richardson would later. Barack Obama: enemy of beards.
  • 07-28: Hilarious Thandie/Condi images revealed:

  • 08-11: Lovable old war criminal Henry Kissinger fell asleep at the boring Olympics.
  • 08-12: Alan Keyes compared McCain to AIDS and took, like, 50 gazillion words to do it.
  • 08-14: Cindy debuted her chic sling accessory.
  • 08-14: People went way, WAY overboard with Ray Charles analogies, and then they stopped just as suddenly as they began.
  • 08-18: We all breathed a sigh of relief when Peter Pan was arrested.
  • 08-21: I realized that, like John McCain, I, too, have trouble keeping track of my things.
  • 08-27: Cindy still rocking the cast, now in intoxicating hot pink!
  • 08-29: I went on vacation the same day Sarah Palin's nomination was announced.



Karen Zipdrive said...

You just keep topping yourself. I may have to ship you a case of Mane 'n Tail as a thank you.

Diane Griffin said...

wish I had seen what J-Lo had to say about the convention. I'm sure it would have been hot.

lorrwill said...

Well this just proves that any news worth knowing is all right here.

Thank you PSP, thank you.

dguzman said...

Wow, the Palin Monsterbot is truly hideous. Thanks for reminding me.