Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Crazy Christian Lady Thinks Sarah Palin is Wicked, Needs to Retire Some More

(AP Photo 10-14-08)

OMG if you want to read the funniest, meanest Sarah Palin bashing ever, forget the Americablogs and the Koses and the Daily Dishes, y'all, and head on over to, believe it or not, World Net Daily and marvel at the venomous Olivia St. John's merciless scorn:

Palin's history over the past 17 years tells another story. Three years after the birth of the first of her five children, she entered the rough-and-tumble world of Alaska (and eventually national) politics and has never looked back.

Has America become so emasculated that our only hope of getting another Ronald Reagan into the Oval Office is to idolize Palin as a political Madonna? Hardly.

Do we have no men who can match her intelligence, charisma and leadership skills? To the contrary, we have better.

Have conservatives become so desperate for a passionate leader that they forsake their most basic values of home and hearth? Yes, but it's more than that.

Sarah Palin represents the empirical self of millions of women working outside the home. They live vicariously through her supposed success. Seeing such a woman extolled gives credibility to their frantic lifestyle juggling job, children, husband, church, and housework.

It has been said that part of Palin's appeal is that her family is like so many other families. She is today's American woman, who works outside the home and does it all. Whose daughters get pregnant out-of-wedlock. Whose husbands wear the aprons.

Have we gone insane? Is this something to celebrate?

YES, PLEASE. Sarah Palin is indeed something to celebrate. She is pure poison, spreading inanity like a virus, tainting everything she touches with ridiculousness, and I will always love her for that.

Speaking of which, I recently enjoyed taking a stroll down Palin Memory Lane (see photo, above), and was struck again by the ferocity of her banality. Everything about her is always so obvious, I was hardly surprised to see that that all my observations of her over the last ten months have held up. Here are some of my favorite revealing older Palin posts:

  • 06-09-09: Uncooperative Sarah is unable to attend a simple fundraiser without causing problems for everybody involved, resulting in much animosity.
  • 12-10-08: Media-starved Sarah has open house for the press to discuss her disdain for politics and the press and then is photographed with her kids by an AP photographer right after complaining about the invasive press. Phew! See? This is what happens when Sarah is around. She's like a magical banality vortex.
  • 11-13-08: Inept Sarah is unable to attend a simple meeting of the Republican Governors Association without causing problems for everybody involved, resulting in much animosity.
  • 11-12-08: My take on post-election Sarah: "Sarah Palin remains utterly, completely self-obsessed, and she will never, ever admit that she did anything wrong or even that she could have done anything better. Never once was there a moment of self examination apparent in these TV appearances, neither a whiff of regret for a stumble nor an acknowledgment that, you know, maybe she should brush up on a thing or two so as not to look like an overreaching cheerleader trying out for the debate squad. This magical combination of personality flaws guarantees that Sarah will continue to be entertaining for years to come."
  • 11-10-08: Picture of unhappy, uninterested Sarah sitting at a table with non-glamorous Alaskan politicians inspires this advice: "Girl, you have GOT to get out of that den of balding bores."
  • 11-08-09: More-trouble-than-she's-worth Palin's return to Alaska is celebrated by her staff's purchase of one (1) flower and a bunch of balloons which aren't even filled with helium.


blogenfreude said...


Anonymous said...

These wonderful PSP Palin memories read like capsule descriptions of series episodes in T.V. Guide. What would the show be called? "Love That Sarah"? "The Palins"? "My Little Sarah"? "I Dream of Sarah"? "That Guv"? "Jeers"? The mind reels.

Karen Zipdrive said...

If the bitch abhors the media so much, why did she invite reporters to her family fishing camp?
She needs to be gang ignored, or only covered by the tabloids.

Matty Boy said...

The Tuesday after she was introduced to a gasping world, I looked up the DSM-IV definition of Narcissism, and I'll be damned if she didn't score eight out of nine, when five out of nine is enough to say some shows clinical narcissism.

In the long Vanity Fair piece recently released, some McCain staffers also decided to reach for the hand Big Book O' Nutjobs to look up the exact same thing.

If I may brag a little, I saw this one coming really, really early.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, and she has piano legs, too!

dguzman said...

Have you never been mellow, Olivia? So cruel to poor widdy-biddy Sarah.

g said...

Oh, hilarious! I've never heard of Olivia, but that's funny.

And I like David Frum's take on it - she quit being governor so she could cash out.

I'm sure she'll be around for a long time - wait until the next big wackaloon story and she'll call a press conference to steal someone else's thunder.

whatdafuq said...

11-08-09...even if the date is written
the correct, non-American, way it's
still in the future. But that's why
I read this blog. It has tomorrow's
news today!

And didn't we all look up narcissistic
personality disorder as soon as she
appeared on stage? I know I pulled
out my dog-eared copy of the Diagnostic
and Statistical Manual of Mental
Disorders from my back pocket where
I keep it handy for such things.

And obviously I'm not alone! According
to Todd Purdum there are lots of
people walking around the streets
of Alaska with similar dog-eared
copies of that manual at-the-ready
for instant diagnosis and a quick
off-the-record comment.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I'd throw in Borderline personality disorder while I was at it.

Lulu Maude said...

"den of balding bores!" haw! I read today that Palin resigned in part because she'd lost weight and was losing her hair.

Obviously catching.