Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Kind of a "We Told Ya So"

Republican Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin arrives at a Republican congressional fundraiser, with her husband Todd Palin, Monday, June 8, 2009, in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

There it is, the big deal. It was merely a fundraiser, but OMG did Team Palin milk it for all it's worth. After all the back-and-forth, the brain-dead Alaskan spokesmodel got a lot more press for merely showing up than she ever would have by actually talking. And if you think about it, this is a really good strategy because opening her mouth and putting together intelligible sounds is not her strong suit. But did they plan it that way? I doubt it; to paraphrase former Coca Cola CEO Donald Keough, They're not that smart but they are that dumb.

So! OK, here:

  • Politico, of course, pretty much invented this whole kerfuffle, so they've got a twofer today: Sarah not getting along with Mark Begich, and last night's fundraiser, where Palin was "little noticed," not really being a big deal.
  • Well, Sarah was in town, so why not hang out in the woods with Sean Hannity?
  • Dana Milbank was there! He reports on boring Sarah and the "offend nobody" music played by the band, and an appearance by Jon Voight, who passes for a celebrity in these circles. Bonus line: "The applause was polite but didn't entirely replace the sound of cutlery on china."
  • What about Newt? "I am not a citizen of the world," he offered last night. Phew!

So there you have it. It was obviously awesome.

Also in Sarahnews today, somebody is going to write a whole book on how unfairly she was treated in the 2008 campaign and how she's so great and everything. And would you be surprised to learn that the somebody who is writing this book is an editor for the Weekly Standard? Not that Bill Kristol assigned him to write it or anything. I'm sure it'll be great.


Matty Boy said...

And Alanna Miles walks up to the mike and sings Black Velvet for the three jillionth time.

Oh, wait. That's Sarah Palin.

That's not a great look for a person hoping to be presidential. It's not even that good for someone gubernatorial.

g said...

Damn. What is she wearing? Is that jacket pleather? Or cotton sateen? And it doesn't match the skirt. Girlfriend hasn't learned how to use an iron, either.

And jewelry? She's got three bracelets, drop earrings, a necklace and looks like two pins.

I'm just sorry you can't see the shoes.

Todd could use a pants press, too. Did they not make it to the dry cleaners before they closed?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the same suit that she wore A) for the debate with Biden, and B) on Election Night? I thought they gave all those clothes back.

Oh, and what knobby knees. Who knew?

g said...

Anonymous's question was so interesting I went to look.

No, it's not the same suit.

But it would be irresponsible not to speculate!

The jacket and the skirt do not match.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Note, too, that Todd doesn't know what to do with the extra button on his coat.

Matty Boy said...

Though I might get called for piling on, Todd's left sleeve is covering his knuckles. Sarah's sleeves might be argued to be a little short, but there are all kinds of styles of women's jackets. With men's jackets, there's pretty much the one style when it comes to sleeve length, and what Todd's wearing is not it.

Off the rack at the last minute.

dguzman said...

Pile on, pile on! Is that a giant bat pendant on her necklace?

Loved the Newtie link, BTW--my fave part was this description : "With George W's arrogance, Dick Cheney's sociopathy, and Donald Rumsfeld's bravado all rolled into one"--it's Newtie in a nutshell! Nicely played, Ms. Milazzo!

Anonymous said...

hmmm. both had time to hit the tanning bed. I am so relieved.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to g for clearing up the suit question. We see now that she is right. It's not the same suit... Palin's campaign suit did not have, um, breast pockets, right?

Now, however, moving on from the suit, we're merely left wondering how Mitt Romney feels about all the publicity that Palin has milked from this silly dinner. After all, he's been traveling the country lately, on his own considerable dime, talking about issues semi-substantively and attempting to position himself in a more traditional way for 2012. And in the space of two days, Palin wipes the floor with him in news coverage. That must really hurt... especially because we know HE would have turned out for last night's event with nary a wrinkle or hair out of place.


Anonymous said...

Actor Jon Voight, the master of ceremonies, opened the evening with a series of sharp attacks on Obama, something many Republican leaders have been hesitant to do in light of the president's high approval ratings. ...
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Anonymous said...

she reminds me of my crazy aunt who throws on all the jewelry she owns, willy nilly, thinking more is more.

Anonymous said...

Is Todd's jacket, like, way too long?

Gosh, they both look awful.

desertwind said...

She looks like she's showing up on sentencing day after being convicted of something really, really icky.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I thought I was going to be so clever mentioning that the polished cotton jacket and linen skirt do not match.
Ha! The early bird gets the worm around here.
I think first dude's jacket sleeves are long because they took back Levi's GOP convention suit after they were finished using him.
And Sarah's smoky eye makeup is all wrong. A smoky eye is one thing, a sooty eye is quite another.