Friday, January 13, 2012

Wire Photographers Officially Getting Bored With Callista Gingrich

(01-09-12, AP)

You may have noticed a bit of tapering off of PSP Callista worship. She's kind of a one-note symphony! Don't get me wrong, I still love our golden-helmeted goddess, but the pickings are getting a little slim as the wire service photographers get increasingly bored with her.

Longtime PSP readers will certainly recognize this trend, as it was extensively remarked upon in my Condoleezza Rice coverage when the increasing Condi-ennui of the boys from Reuters, AFP and AP became evident in a series of arty, convoluted shots where the desperate artists were trying... well, desperately... to come up with new ways to make middle-aged people standing behind podiums look interesting.

And so it is, as you can see above, with Callista.

Mama needs a new hairdo.


Matty Boy said...

It's really too bad Newt's now officially a communist and will likely have to be sent to a right-wing re-education camp. We had such hopes in early December but they were dashed so quickly.

Aunt Snow said...

If Newt's a commie, does Callista have to wear an overall and head kerchief?

drew in sf, now in pa said...

3 to 1 odds that Newtster (Newtrino?) is the VP nom (nom nom!), which would mean there's another ten and a half months of Callista in our future. At some point she'll trot out a new Wendy O. Williams circa 1982 'do, which will win the hearts and minds of the latter-day Boomer set, rocketing Romney to the presidency and insuring that Newt shills himself to the neocons as Handler-in-Chief.

/and this is why I'm not a pundit

Anonymous said...

Tout passe. - L'art robuste (PSP photoblog) Seul a l'éternité.

Anonymous said...

We kind of lose the hair in silhouette, but the beak remains, gloriously.

sleepyinsaudi said...

She is but a shadow of her former self.