Thursday, December 21, 2006

Their Love Stretches Across the Gulf which Separates Their Podiums

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice , right, walks with Canadian Foreign Minister Peter MacKay towards the podium for their joint news conference at the State Department in Washington, Thursday, Dec. 21, 2006. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
Ohhh, tongues (mostly Canadian ones) are going to be wagging (again), because here's Condi quivering with excitement to be with her foxiest colleague, dreamy diplohunk Peter MacKay, once again. And I seriously doubt that Condi chose this occasion to trot out her hottest red suitlet merely because it was next in line on the rack in her voluminous closet. Look here, you can see the lusty electricity crackling in this otherwise standard dueling podiums shot:

See? She's even presenting him with her invisible, spherical object! And doesn't he look entranced? It's LUV. I hope they've gotten past that little incident where he publicly disavowed their torrid affair.

One issue: why didn't Condi have the sense to stage this photo-op at a nearby Starbuck's?


pissed off patricia said...

He looks afraid. Probably the first time she has bared her orb to him. Probably the same look most guys would have in the same situation.

Is she letting her hair grow? It's looking longer in the back.

I saw part of this on c-span just now and she must have lost her makeup kit during her travels. She looked really tired and bad. Not the way you want to look when meeting your secret Santa.

Carmen Sutra said...

The way she's sticking her ass out in the top photo, she appears to be presenting herself for mounting (or a Mountie). Of course, I'd probably be the same way with Peter around.

Anonymous said...

Funny, Carmen, I thought the same thing, although I believe Condi is totally asexual, part of her very Victorian upringing of being an eternal une petite fille qui fait plaisir a papa .

guru-On-A-Soap-Box said...

Ah Princess, I just upchucked my coffee all over the keyboard after reading your prose. "Diplohunk" will forever be in my dreams.

Both 'mounting' and 'Mountie' came to mind with this picture, CS and POP--she IS presenting herself, that's how I read her ass-language. I'm reading our Charismatic Canadian friend as 'brown shoes and black suit'. If he were in Italy he would be whipped with strands of al dente spaghetti and Georgio Armani would personally chastise him in Piazza Duomo on live television in a great display involving anchovies and Donatella Versace's plastic surgeon. But that's another story.

Condi as a-sexual? That also really works for me. Poor little sphere this day and age too.

Anonymous said...

They are so HOTT together I can barely stand it. Look how she's strutting! YOu don't see THAT with the Bulgarian whoever.