Friday, May 22, 2009

OMG BREAKING: Cindy McCain Got a Haircut

via Huffington Post so, naturally, no photo credit.

All we have so far are photos obviously taken from, like, two miles away with a telephoto lens, but there you have it: new bob hairdo! Consider your world rocked.

On a related note, how does Huffington get away with never providing photo credits? God, it's frustrating.

A dollop of Twinkle Toes Hoof Glitter to Pony Pal™ Matthew for the tip!


Toriko said...

Is that really her or might there be a Cindybot?

Peteykins said...

OMG you just blew my mind.

desertwind said...

No comments on the dress, Princess?

Anonymous said...

And what about the photo on the front page of today's NYT??? She looks like the Queen Mum!

Matthew Hubbard said...

You're welcome, Princess. Always glad to be of assistance.

The Kansas City Star's website has the same phot and they give photo credit to Charles Dharapak of the AP.

Namor the Submariner said...

HuffPo took a photo from my girlfriend's flickr account & used it without credit.

Laura Roslin said...

Good point about HuffPo. They recently ran an "OpEd" about how great internet voting was. And the "OpEd" was written by none other than a key executive of the company selling internet voting services.

Meanwhile, many computer scientists who aren't making money off of these schemes warn that it is insane to entrust our democracy to internet elections.

So FU Huff Po, for letting a corporation use an "OpEd" to promote their product, for not paying real journalists for their work, and for not providiing credits for photos.

Oh, and I love this blog, with or without Condi.

dguzman said...

I want to see her in a mullet.