Monday, September 08, 2008

Quickie: Condi Not Exactly Overflowing with Enthusiasm for Sarah Palin

Condi had a sit 'n' chat with CNN! Oh, sure, it was mostly about Libya and stuff, but, well, how could Zain Vergee resist asking about the snowbilly queen? This is where Condi's long-rumored diplomatic skills come into play:

QUESTION: Just a couple of last quick questions, political questions, if I may. Fancy that.

There have been a lot of questions raised about Governor Sarah Palin. If you were prepping her for a foreign policy debate with Joe Biden, what would you advise her?

SECRETARY RICE: Well, let me be the last do to that.

QUESTION: You should be the first to do that.

SECRETARY RICE: No, no, no. Let me just say this. I thought that Sarah Palin gave a terrific speech, and not to get into the politics of it. You know, she’s governor of a state here in the United States, and she came across extremely well.

QUESTION: Does she have enough experience to handle the kinds of things that you need to handle?

SECRETARY RICE: These are decisions that Senator McCain has made. I have great confidence in him. I’m not going to get involved in this political campaign. As Secretary of State, I don’t do that. But I thought her speech was wonderful.

QUESTION: But the – a lot of Republicans are also saying that she just lacks the experience. I mean, you can dispatch Vice President Cheney to deal with Ukraine and Georgia, but Sarah Palin just won’t be able to handle it.

SECRETARY RICE: There are different kinds of experiences in life that help one to deal with matters of foreign policy.


Fran said...

That is the CNN-y, diplo-Condi-ish way of saying "um... not so much."

Let me be the last to do that! Hahahaha... I love that line. I feel almost a playful disdain coming from her on that.

I didn't see it, so don't ruin it for me.

Let me be the last. That will stay with me all day... and I desperately needed some cheering up on this topic.

And snowbilly - :snort: - a great coffee on the keyboard moment.

Anonymous said...

"You know, she’s governor of a state here in the United States,"

*giggle* "A state." "Yes, that's right! I'm serious! Right here! In the United States! Not some other country, like those other governors! The United States!"

Anonymous said...

Condi is an expert at covering her ass. She wasn't about to commit to history anything even mildly supportive of Caribou Barbie.
We all agree she gave a great speech, but it was great because it was entertaining- like a Roseanne Barr comedy routine.
Condi once again proves she has no spine. She's just another neo-con puppet trained not to go off script.

Anonymous said...

From The Sunday Times
September 7, 2008

Thandie Newton on becoming Condoleezza Rice
She’s the British queen of Hollywood, but will America love or hate Thandie Newton’s portrayal of Condoleezza Rice? By Nicola Graydon. Photographs by Brian Bowen Smith

Anonymous said...

"There are different kinds of experiences in life that help one to deal with matters of foreign policy."

--"Dr" Rice should know about that, given her near total ignorance about the outside world, despite her constantly being on a jet leading her "somewhere outside the U.S." and jumping from one overseas photo-op to another.

Distributorcap said...

you are ALL wrong - condibot went off script -- she DIDNT say alaska was near russia and that is enough for foreign policy expertise

then again condisoviet was allegedly a russian expert and look how good that has turned out

Anonymous said...

Distributor, I'm willing to bet "Dr" Rice, as a true US-trained "Soviet scholar" (which required absolutely no knowledge of Russia, its language, its history, and its geography) has no idea Alaska was next to Russia until Barracuda was selected as VP.

Anonymous said...

The reason we can't get a job at the State Department is because we don't look like Star-Trek Condi:

Rice: Not enough blacks at State Department -- Condoleezza Rice says workday often minus "somebody who looks like me"

That's 'not acceptable' she said in speech at black colleges conference

In 2007, such colleges got $5 million in scholarships, grants from State Department

National Historically Black Colleges and Universities conference held Monday

Anonymous said...

If Dr. Shoes said what she really felt she would blow (metaphorically) her future earnings on the wingnut welfare gravy train.
What's more important, your honor or your Ferragamos?

usablogger said...

At last anonymous: Rice is black. Wow. Who knew.

dguzman said...

I love this part:
SECRETARY RICE: Well, let me be the last do to that.
QUESTION: You should be the first to do that.

Oh Zain--that's so sweet of you to pretend that condi has any foreign policy anything to offer the Snowbilly (great one, Princess!)! And boy, you can tell Condi would rather eat her Ferragamos than coach Snowbilly.

Anonymous said...

I agree, DG. Condi was actually right for a change. She IS the last person who should be giving advice on foreign policy.

Peter Dow said...

Condoleezza Rice on Sarah Palin's experience. With subtitles YouTube