Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Condi Dumbstruck by the Biggest Spherical Invisible Pal EVER!!

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, right, listens as Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, left, speaks during a news conference at the State Department in Washington, Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2006.(AP Photo/Nick Wass)
OMG! They grow 'em big is the Land Down-Under™! And if you don't know what I'm talking about, here's an annotated photo:

Also: Condi met with a boring guy from Iraq today. Snoooozeville! He didn't even get to sit in the matching armchairs. He got what I'm now officially calling the bum's rush photo-op:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, right, meets with Iraq Vice President Tariq Ahmed Baker Al-Hashimi at the State Department in Washington, Tuesday, Dec. 12, 200. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)
My favorite thing about the above is that it shows a rare treat in a standing shot: Dr. Ferragamo's fabulous shoes! And if you look closer, you can also see the "marks" on the floor for Condi 'n' Tariq's cuddly, totally huggable photo-op.


Anonymous said...

Condi's boom phallus is much larger than the president's from yesterday.

Anonymous said...

You may wish to check out this Karen Hughes smile at

Anonymous said...

is it the bot???
those marks could be like little hypertechno sensor-strips so the bot knows when to stop, turn 30 degress and shake hands..... sort of like programming those robot-vaccuums so they can manouver around your kitchen table.

Civic Center said...

That's a great use of Photoshop, not to mention the classic "OMG" thought bubble.

Anonymous said...

Princess, FYI

Fashion victims get victimized again (Salon)

An article in Monday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Marylynne Pitz says the following about Condi:

"I think Condoleezza Rice is a huge disappointment in the style arena. She's youthful. She has a great body with long legs. She works out. All we can see are all these really boxy, predictable sober suits. That's her ace in the hole. She is the person in the public eye that fashion people would love to make over the most... First, I'd change her hairstyle. I'd see how she looked with a bob or perhaps a short, feathery finger wave that tapered at the neck. Then I would put her in a dress."

Anonymous said...

Did somebody just go ahead a designate this "December is Brown Fashion Month" in Ferragamo-land? She's deep in a rut of dirt-colored suits, and all the stylin' black pumps in the world aren't going to fix it (looks she's topping out at about four inches on the spikes, no?). I'm also going to register once again my distaste for that gold flexi-torque thing she's been sporting lately. I miss the pearls.

Peteykins said...

Fraea: very good! You spotted the Condibot!

Anonymous said...

Based on a re-look, I've just realized what might in fact have caused Madam Secretary's OMG reaction in the second version of the photo: she is the only, or at least the first, person in the room to have realized that the Australian Foreign Minister is about to have Billie Burke fall into his lap.