Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Walk This Way

It's like a superfantastic mini Unocal reunion starring Condi 'n' Karzai this morning in Afghanistan. (Please note that the Hairdo Alert System™ status has been lowered back down to "low", as Condi seems to be well away from any native large costumed birds.) I really like Hamid's robe and blazer combo; it whispers, "I am a man of the people, yet I have access to Brooks Brothers." But whenever I see Condi strolling with somebody like this, I always like to imagine that, rather than simply strolling, they're really breaking into a torrid rendition of The Madison. Go ahead and look at the picture again and imagine it. It's fun, isn't it? A big strong line! Hit it!

OK, so let's go over our Conditrip checklist: did she speak behind a podium?

Check! Did she sit in matching armchairs in front of a fireplace with the target of her charm?

Check! Mission accomplished awesomely, Condi!

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