Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Prospects Fabulously Bleak For A Happy Abortion Day

(Sparkle Pony Flashback to 01-23-10)

Unexpected snow day! Evidently, it is going to start snowing today by mid-morning, and then it is not going to stop snowing until well after dark. And then the temperatures are going to take a nose-dive into the single digits. That snow will not be going anywhere.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow is Abortion Day! It's everybody's favorite day where groups of teenagers from Catholic high schools are festooned with matching acrylic knitwear and trundled into the District so that they can march in circles around the building where I work and leave their signs everywhere. I've documented Abortion Day many times, and it's always a fairly cold and miserable day, but tomorrow is going to be... I believe the scientific term is OMG fucking cold. With piles of snow everywhere. And acrylic knits will not cut it. And young children will really have a hard time. I expect there will be a lot of "martyrdom-grabbing."

I predict a sad, miserable Abortion Day. I can't wait!

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: I'm staying home today, because OPM announced a "liberal leave" policy for the day.  I've been keeping up with the story, and so far the dumbest thing is from, naturally, Politico, where Tal Kopan gives the event a ludicrously puffy buildup under the title "Snow doesn't hinder March for Life" before eventually getting to the part where the snow and cold is, in fact, hindering the event in various ways.


J. Matt said...

I hope the expression "martyrdom-grabbing" gets picked up and used. What a perfect neologism.

dianegsocialist said...

Love the fetus, hate the cardboard.

The Cat's Meow said...

They fly and bus people in, right? Ah, yes, I see a bus. Well, no planes flying tonight. And buses better get off the roads. It's like a scene from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer out there.