Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Callista Gingrich Film Festival!

Here's Callie-Lou giving a superbly awkward speech to her homies in Wisconsin yesterday:

I would characterize that speech as the exact opposite of "warm" and "interesting." It is realllllllly long and boring, not well performed, not well photographed... in other words, it's FANTASTIC.

Unfortunately, for the film festival to continue, you have to go over to Gawker to view an otherwise non-embeddable (why, Gawker, why?) video in which, OMG... well, let's just say you have not even BEGUN to worship the Goddess Callista until you've seen her lunge, wielding a hairbrush, at the pale flesh muppet she married. Sublime grooming display behavior.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Her voice is way deeper than I thought it would be. I thought she would have a high, feathery little girl voice.

Anonymous said...

OMG. I don't think even the Midwest-Exotic Coen Brothers could make this interesting!

Lulu Maude said...

Not a compelling speaker, is she?

I did enjoy the "I Feel Pretty" pre-O'Reilly segment, though.

Callie-Lou doesn't seem to know a lot about brushing Her Man's hair. If I could stand it, I could fluff it up nicely. It seems to have flattened out in his golden years.

I wonder how his feet are holding up. We don't think enough about Newt's feet, in my opinion.

Matty Boy said...

Talk about long and boring. One minute till she shows up, two minutes until she talks, three minutes until there's an applause line... with almost no applause!

Four minutes until she even brings up the books and videos!

Five minutes until she dredges up Reagan.

I couldn't make it past 6:00. Sorry for my lack of fortitude when it comes to a truly boring presentation.

Matty Boy said...

Sorry to comment hog. The Gawker piece is fun.

Anonymous said...


Calli sez the republicans in the prezzzidential
race have "bonded".

Oh my gawd! You get the impression they would off each other if they could get away with it.

Speaking of "exceptionalism" just how did Newt's campaign spend $1.6 million more than it had?

Well that is exceptional!

Exceptionally failing.

Ohh she's talkin' "god" and clearly embraces the word "exceptionalism". I tried hard to stay awake for this vid, 13x she uses the word?
Oh & she likes History-- good thing because her hubby Newt is a relic.
Newton Leroy "Newt" Gingrich is 68 & Callista Louise is 46.

She "considered bunnies, hippos & giraffes, but confesses, she did not consider donkeys.
she could not resist an adorable little elephant, politics not withstanding.

Riveting stuff!

Ellis the Elephant, reads lots of books like her husband Newt!

The audience looks half empty & bored to tears.

Here is a little fun piece you might like

Lulu Maude said...

What a dreary room. I like the woman standing near the door, nursing her coffee.

History in the making!

Peteykins said...

"Exceptionalism" has been Newt 'n' Callista's big thing for some time now. All their weird videos and books are about exceptionalism, unless they're about the Pope.

Partick said...

The Gawker grooming video was Fantasmagoric! I especially like the brief second or two where she enters the frame in the foreground with her beauteous nose. It's almost like a frame wipe. Too bad Gawker won't share.

samael7 said...

It's worth watching the Wausau speech for a short while, but not the whole thing unless you can speed it up comically.

But the Gawker edit . . . priceless. One commenter kindly indicated the 0:57 mark as the Callista-wipe (start it at 0:56 for the full experience). But the whole thing, hairspray and all, is just divine, and worth your time.

davedave said...

This is the biggest crowd they could assemble for a national figure??? We got more people to come listen to local beekeeper at my kids' school this month.

Anonymous said...

Callista-wipes! For that special incontinent flesh muppet in your life.

Anonymous said...

When it comes down to it, people truly only care about one thing - surviving. Callista doesn't understand the real issues that have affected average Americans since G.W. Bush was in office and helped greatly to ruin the financial fabric of this nation. Callista and her kind aren't concerned about average Americans or the working population. The wage standards have already been downsized and many have to work 2 jobs just to try and keep up. If you're not one of the wealthy elite, you'd be foolish to vote Republican.