Thursday, September 01, 2011

Leave It To The UK Press To Put Yesterday's Palin/O'Donnell Dustup Into The Proper Context

(screenshot from the Daily Mail)

Did you watch that whole thing unfold yesterday? It was really funny: some dumb tea party event dumped Christine O'Donnell from their lineup, then they re-invited her, and then they dumped her again when Sarah Palin threatened to dump them. Got that? So Sarah will appear onstage with Michele Bachmann, but not with Christine O'Donnell. I guess that means some kind of threshold has been established.

But congrats to the Mail Onliine for putting it all into perspective: CATFIGHT! RAHHHHR! Fake fingernails and bobby pins flying everywhere!

Haw, it's always so funny when the gals get involved in the politics.


Jamie said...

the Daily Mail is soooo dodgy (gay-hating, racist, bloody-immigrants-should-go-back-to-where-they-come-from, women-loathing horridness), but it does a nice line in gossip

Larry the Greek said...

Methinks the more egregious journalistic licence exercised here was in the application of the adjective "vital" to this truly idiotic event.