Thursday, November 18, 2010

Endless, Endless, Endless Flame Wars As Far As The Eye Can See Regarding Bristol Palin On TV

Online flame wars over stupid things can be pretty entertaining once in a while, especially when the subject matter, in this case Bristol Palin's appearance on Dancing with the Stars, is particularly inane.

So anyway, if you want to spend a few minutes laughing at people having arguments about Sarah Palin's daughter, go here to the message board at ABC's website, or here at IMDB where there are literally too many Bristol flame wars to count, much hand wringing, pledges to "never watch the show again," etc. It's funny.

UPDATE – Uh oh, this won't end well: The National Enquirer has totally turned on Sarah. Stay tuned for fireworks.


Aunt Snow said...

I cannot understand the thought process that might be going on in someone's head where, because they admire/agree with/support a politician, they become bat-shit crazy passionate about the politician's family member's "victory" in what is clearly a rigged, pointless, tacky entertainment contest.

Oh, someone will respond to me "that's just how they are," but actually I am really curious what's the thought process going on here.

is it that they think Bristol winning = more money to fatten up Sarah's war chest?

Is it that they think her victory would turn the tide politically to her mom?

Is it that they think her win will somehow demoralize Palin's opponents?

Do they think it's some kind of magic allegoric contest that will influence the outcome of a future contest?

What specific brand of insanity are they suffering from?

Matty Boy said...

If I may plug my silly blog about the supermarket rag headlines, The Enquirer is The Flagship for American Media, Inc. (AMI), and several of the sister publications are ganging up on the Palins with a venom they usually reserve for Oprah Winfrey or various Scientologists. The low rent National Exminer has a story that DWTS is rigged this season.

Here's a link to the blog.

Anonymous said...

How do these people find the time and energy to devote all this calling and flaming to fighting over a teen mom in a dance contest?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Anonymous, obviously it's about more than 'a teen mom on a dance contest.'
First of all, her mother is the queen of good family values and Christian fundamentalism, yet the teen mom actually had unprotected sex with the local bad boy and got knocked up. Great Christian parenting, huh?
And it's about Willow Palin engaging in a Facebook war with various teens and calling them faggots and saying they should go fuck themselves. Bristol joined in the fray and was apparently forced to offer a weak apology later.
Praise Jesus!
It's about hundreds of teabagging right-wing imbeciles finding a way to jack up the ABC voting software and vote 200-300 times each in two hours.
It's about a guy who looks like Wilfred Brimley watching TV when they announced Bristol was moving into the finals, taking out his shotgun and blowing the screen to smithereens.
It's about Bristol being a terrible dancer with a bland personality and flabby thighs, and her mother forcing her on the show to earn some easy money. With each passing week the "stars" who move to the next round are financially rewarded in the tens of thousands.
It's about Bristol saying she thought she deserved to be in the finals because she had "worked her butt off."
Yeah, like the other contestants have been sipping soy lattes at Starbucks the whole time, not to mention her butt being the same size as when this ordeal began.
It's about a family of grifters with the audacity of dope and more over-confidence than any pro wrestler.
And the bitch who whelped this barn of mangy curs said recently, "Yeah, I think I can beat Obama."
It's a fight between reason and ignorance, and ignorance is way out ahead.

Anonymous said...

In Sarah's upcoming book, she makes the following comments about "talent-deprived" American Idol contestants who suffer from "the cult of self-esteem":

"No one they have encountered in their lives – from their parents to their teachers to their president – wanted them to feel bad by hearing the truth," she writes. "So they grew up convinced that they could become big pop stars like Michael Jackson."

Apparently this doesn't apply to Bristol & DWTS or to herself & becoming president! Oh, the hypocrisy!

Philip said...

I think we should all campaign for SP to get the Republican nomination in '12. It would be hard to keep a straight face, but Obama v Palin would be the best race ever.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I agree with Philip.
Palin vs. Obama would be his best hope for a second term.
Now, please hear me now and believe me later:
The real wild card in all of this is Willow Palin.
Basically, she's Levi without the Johnston--ignorant, aggressive, profane and wild.
She's been kept entirely out of sight because all the Palin handlers know she's a one-woman wrecking ball.
Look to Willow to be knocked up within a year.
And rather than morphing into a "teen advocate" who lectures kids on the wisdom of abstinence, she'll tell the media to (sic) "go fuck yourselfs and mind your own business fucking, you bunch of fucking faggots."
I can't wait.