Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finally, A Politician Explains Tax Issues In A Language I Can Understand

Today's must see is Alan Grayson's explanation of tax cuts for the rich using Hermès Birkins*, Mercedes Benzes, and, wittily, Grey Poupon Mustard. So instructive! We'll miss you, Alan.

I love this trick, and did something similar on Wonkette a few years ago, where I revealed that the tobacco industry, upon the overturning of a $145 billion settlement against them, could buy Pucci turtlenecks for every man, woman and child in the European Union, or stage a demolition derby with five million Hummer H3s. Math is fun!

*I'm not sure why Grayson felt the need to exaggerate the cost of a Birkin so much. 64 grand? Sure, Birkins run well into the five figures, depending on the materials, but it would have to be, like, a 24k gold-frosted albino crocodile Birkin at that price. Here's a handy point of reference from the Daily Mail (UK): In 2009, Victoria Beckham had 100 Birkins worth £1.5 million. That makes the average price of a Birkin £15,000, or about $24,000. Wasn't that high enough for Grayson?


Karen Zipdrive said...

It's like when the cops bust a kid holding a couple ounces of pot and tell the media the street value is $2,500.

Maddiane said...

Kudos to Grayson for including trickle-down in his examples!