Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Hate To Break This To You, But Sarah Palin May Have Fibbed About Something

State Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, right, discusses the the documents related to a speaking contract for former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, found in the trash bins at California State University, Stanislaus, during a news conference in Sacramento, Calif., Tuesday, April 13, 2010. CSU, Stanislaus students Alicia Lewis, left and Ashli Briggs, right, say they were tipped off on April 9, about the the administration officials attempt to get rid of documents concerning Palin's speaking appearance with the CSU Stanislaus Foundation in June. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

OK, this is kind of a Sarah Palin roundup. First of all, those young women shown in the picture up top? The ones who found Sarah Palin's speaking engagement contracts in the trash? They are heroes. Moving on.

In other news, Reid Wilson at Hotline caught something interesting and unsurprising in Sarah Palin's latest FEC filings: remember how she took a lot of heat for her six-figure payday to talk at the Tea Party convention and then claimed she'd donate it "to the cause"? Well, Wilson looked and looked and just couldn't seem to find any such donations. Revelation!

This has become a pattern for Palin: get caught being greedy and then make up a lie about giving what she grabbed to charity. We saw this last month when she went on her infamous Oscars gifting suite rampage: in one breath she claimed she was taking tie-dyed jeggings (urrrrgh) "for Bristol," and then immediately afterward lied and said it would all go to charity so that she wouldn't look like the avaricious pig that she is and forever will be.

And finally, yes, she spoke at some Tea Party™ thing in Boston today and wore red leather, so she's just wearing tons of leather lately even though it's Spring. The end.


Madduane said...

Lots of posts today from my friends about the tea party wing ding on the common today. A couple of us talked about how scary it would be if she actually got elected. We remembered how unlikely W had seemed this far out from 2000. It doesn't help that I'm writing a paper for school about Mussolini right now.

Your writing cheers me up, though.

samael7 said...

Ah, Let $arah be $arah.

Matty Boy said...

Peteykins, while you will always be my favorite source for $arah news, using the samael7 spelling, Oliver Willis has some interesting stuff about SarahPAC giving almost nothing to candidates, spending more on hotels and de-icing the wings of her private plane.

Take the KASH, don't let them pay you in kind.

Peteykins said...

Matty, I like you, but if you had taken the time to click the link I posted, you'd find the same Hotline article, with the same headline, that Willis links to.

Eric said...

Dear Princess,
I've been thinking about what you posted about Sandra Bullock's husband(?), and what happens when an idol shows themself to be what you think they're just pretending to be. Palin, I believe, takes this a step further -- she *is* a greedy partisan with no class pretending to be an intelligent politician pretending to be a partisan with no class. Scary!
Also, I am very grateful that you do not pander to conflate the 'Sarah Palin' with the 'Condi Rice'... Condi was a classy dame of a diplomat, if a possibly evil one. (The legs! the piano! Colour me impressed/terrified!) Palin, simply, is not.

ps - The image I'm using shows me wearing the Ford campaign pin you sent me! Hooray!

Montana said...

Almost daily we listen to her trash talk (she is in the Quayle and “W” league), all thanks to the man who now claims that he never called himself a maverick, McCain, right, tell us another. She spends her days trash talking it is only fitting that someone found a great place for her contract. I guess some dumpster diving found it, All’s Well That Ends Well.

Peteykins said...

Yay, Eric!

karen marie said...

Yes, but you neglected to point out the other obvious lie -- that red leather jacket she wore in Boston was one of the clothing items purchased for her by the RNC for the 2008 presidential campaign that she swore she gave back.

Matty Boy said...

Sorry I didn't click on all the links first, Peteykins. My bad.

Let me also give a weak defense for two sets of people I don't like very much, rappers and the Palin clan.

Think about being really poor, then getting to look a little money but not getting to keep it, then getting the ticket to REAL money. I'm not saying I would go all crazy at the luxury lounge or drink Cristal champagne until I threw up, nor am I saying any Pony Pals would just go stupid, but I haven't been in the situation and I'm betting no one else reading this has been there either.

People who believe they can resist all temptation have never been given exactly what they want.