Monday, February 01, 2010

Brained By Falling Masonry

The whole Ex-Gay™ thing is so totally, like, two years ago, OK? But, oops, we've gone and exported it to the UK. Sorry about that!

You have to read Patrick Strudwick's excellent undercover exposé in today's The Independent. It's brief, to-the-point, a little creepy, and unsparing, and we love that in an article about these crazy people. It's basically the same thing we've come to know here in the US, and it's all based on the "work" of the usual American Ex-Gay™ suspects

But, naturally, when something American gets exported to Great Britain, they tend to add their own little local flavours to the fun, and thus:

She moves on. "Any Freemasonry in the family?" No, I say, again asking her to elaborate. "Because that often encourages it as well. It has a spiritual effect on males and it often comes out as SSA [Same-Sex Attraction™]."



Madduane said...

But wasn't the US supposedly started by freemasons? You mean, the founding fathers were susceptible to the gay? No Way!!!

Jun Okumura said...

So your parents were freebasers? Figures.
Oh, Freemasons? Sorry, my bad.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I suspect any mens' club of being a little on the homo side.
And the freemasons- don't they wear leather aprons over their wife beater undershirts?
Uh huh.