Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Junk Drawer: More Lurid 3D Postcards

Click all for lots bigger.

More fun! I wish these things had copyright info on them. ALL MANUFACTURED GOODS SHOULD HAVE DATES STAMPED ON THEM. Anyway, the Japanese flamingos are gorgeous, aren't they? This one, featuring see-through Jesus hovering in front of a waterfall (??) is also, duh, from Japan:

Similarly hailing from the Land of the Rising Hello Kitty, these Xmas pixies:

And last but not least, a stirring remake (reboot?) of Millet's cornball classic, The Angelus:

My friend Bob, who mailed the above to me, wrote on the back, "I just broke my living room window by dropping the fan through it." Neat!

More lenticular fun to come!


nffcnnr said...

Do i need special glasses or a third eye to get the 3D effect? i've tried holding my monitor up to my face at different distances while crossing my eyes, but then my arms get tired and i'm afraid my eyes will get stuck that way. Please help.

Madduane said...

I think these scans are really cool.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I have a 3D 9x12 portrait of Jesus that, when you shift it a little, turns into Mary.
It's really inspirational.

Michael Whittier said...

I think that might be translucent 3D Fisher Stevens hovering in front of the waterfall.