Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Washington Post Graciously Allows Sarah Palin to Pretend to be a Writer

(AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato, 10-29-08)

The Post's editorial page continues its downward spiral, and I'll be damned if I link to it. So they got Sarah Palin (she's so hot right now!) to write an op-ed about how awful Obama's cap-n-trade thingy is! Neat!

So... does anybody –anybody at all?– believe, even for a second, that Sarah actually wrote this stuff? One imagines the order for "standard industry boilerplate with a pseudo-folksy twist," but I'd love to know who placed/received the order. Sure, sure, there's the obligatory mentions of this "God" person, but I refuse to believe Sarah sat down behind a word processor and typed the word "ardent."

This must be some of that constant Palin-bashing by the Liberal Press™ all the kids are talking about.


FranIAm said...

Clearly you hate all the values that America stands for!

Which is of course, one of the many reasons I continue to come here!!

Palinmania is upon us in earnest... what happened last year was just the prelude.

Speaking of what happened last year, I could use some ardent-Ursula right about now, but that is unlikely, isn't it?

Karen Zipdrive said...

As a former newspaper and magazine editor, I can tell from a mile away professional writing from dumb-ass hick writing.
I read the first few grafs of that article and chuckled to myself.
No way could Palin get her thoughts together well enough to be well versed on the subject, much less opine about it.

Kelster93 said...

At first, La Sarah thought cap-and-trade was a fiendish librul plot to force women with glossy updos to wear Michael Moore-style baseball caps. They would then have to remove them in public (aieeeee - hat hair!) and swap with similarly oppressed back-combed gals.

When Palin learned what it really meant, she calmed down sufficiently to talk with the ghostwriter hired by her publicist.

dguzman said...

Was there a verbal *wink* in the piece? (I'll be damned if I go over there, give their web site a hit, and read the thing.)

Lazy Media said...

And, of course, her ghost completely disagrees with the policy positions of the McCain-Palin campaign. http://nomoremister.blogspot.com/2009/07/i-guess-she-had-her-fingers-crossed.html

Anonymous said...

So, who's going to write to the Washington Post and complain? Or should we even bother, what with the state that they're in these days?

puravida said...

I read it and so as a public service for those of you who refuse to give the WaPo the clicks, I shall summarize:

"God wants me to drill, baby, drill. Also. Obama hates America."

mikey said...

"Up here in Alaska when we're fishin' and the mosquitoes get real bad we just jump into ardent, you betcha!"

samael7 said...

I mentally corrected your heading to "Washington Post Graciously Allows Sarah Palin to Pretend to be a Native English-Speaker."

And then I realized that was mean, because plenty of non-native-English-speakers string together perfectly coherent sentences on a daily basis, and anyway I'm not sure that someone whose first language is probably "screech-owl" is technically a "native speaker."

desertwind said...

Yeah. It doesn't quite read the same as her very important Quittin' speech now does it?

Where's all those scholars who "proved" that Ayers wrote Obama's books? Silent as the tomb.

Anonymous said...

The WaPO has become a shameful pretense of a newspaper. After the 3rd (or is it the 4th) buyout of decent reporters and editors and the recent "salon" fiasco, they have lost all credibility.

Peter Dow said...

I wish to state here and now that I did not campaign against Sarah Palin in an attempt to destroy her vice-presidential political career in a mean and spiteful way simply because her pick to run with McCain stopped Condi getting the VP spot on the Republican ticket and ascending to the presidency in due course.

Well, I did not campaign against Sarah Palin AFTER Obama won in 2008, only BEFORE.

Rice for President Yahoo Group

Karen Zipdrive said...

Peter Dow, you're doing a parody, right?
Rice For President?
You know she can't even legally marry her LTR girlfriend, right?
So you think the GOP would nominate a closeted lesbian Black woman?
Nah...gotta be a parody.
Good one! ;)

Distributorcap said...

you mean Palin's journalism degree must be some sort of GOP affirmative action

Anonymous said...

We're all doomed. All she has to do for a media swarm is change her hairstyle.