Sunday, April 13, 2008

Opposite Day for Stephen Hadley

National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley appears live in the FOX News Sunday studios in Washington, April 13, 2008. MANDATORY CREDIT REUTERS/Fox News Sunday/Freddie Lee/Handout (UNITED STATES)

Scary Neocon freak Stephen Hadley was on the TV today, and he said the funniest thing! He was trying to explain why it's stupid to boycott the Olympics opening ceremony, and, well, see if you can spot the irony:

The kind of "quiet diplomacy" that the U.S. is practicing is a better way to send a message to China's leaders rather than "frontal confrontation," Stephen Hadley said.

Did you catch that? This is an official in the Bush Administration advocating diplomacy over confrontation! OMG, whatever! Since when?

UPDATE: Hadley also had trouble distinguishing Nepal from Tibet.


FranIAm said...

Quiet diplomacy... how quaint.

No full frontal for Stephen, Condi or others. No no no.

Quiet diplomacy says this "America is a pussy when it comes to China and profits."

I loathe these idiots.

Anonymous said...

For smaller and weaker countries, the direct confrontation might be effective. (Now you know why they call USA a rogue country)

For China, quiet diplomacy is a much better way for exercising impact. Confrontation never works with Chinese, remember the Korean War. However, due to cultural difference, not many people in the US understand it. Educate youself before speaking out.

Matty Boy said...

Fran beat me to it. Quiet diplomacy is when we are complete doormats.

We practice quiet diplomacy with China or they will start calling in our loans.

We practice quiet diplomacy with Israel or all the AIPAC money in Washington will dry up, turning it into Wichita, Kansas on a slow night.

It's not ironic. It the quiet diplomacy way of saying we are testicle free.

Kelster93 said...

Would backdoor diplomacy be more effective? If so, perhaps Lecondel could enlist stalwart Republicans Mark Foley and Larry Craig to add, um, thrust to US efforts...

dguzman said...

Yikes, Kelster93!

I don't think anyone in BushCo knows how to do "quiet," much less "diplomacy."

Karen Zipdrive said...

Tibet, Napal, Sunni, Shite- it's all a bunch of Godless foreigners to the Bush crowd.
Besides, George W. loves to watch ALL sports- even the foreign ones he doesn't understand.
Nobody's gonna take his fun away. He's going to the games!
If Tibet wants him to boycott something in China, they should have hosted the international opera festival.

Anonymous said...

However, because of the importance of making some statement in support of Tibetan human rights, the Prezident is asking US athletes to boycott all competitions with a Cuban entered.
Depending on the severity of future abuses in Tibet, Venezuelans may be added to the list.

Anonymous said...

Oh, ho! So, HE was that knob I heard on NPR this weekend.

-- desertwind

Anonymous said...

Maybe they meant to invade Israel rather than Iraq ... and just couldn't figure out where the country was.

Anonymous said...

We were watching that at home and though--hey, Stephanopolis didn't correct him even though Hadley misspoke 12 times. We thought--maybe Nepal is another name for Tibet and we don't know it. Pretty supine of George not to say anything.