Saturday, March 29, 2008


U.S. President George W. Bush (L) walks with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (C) and National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley at the White House in Washington, March 28, 2008. REUTERS/Larry Downing (UNITED STATES)

OK, so I kinda figured that Condi would take it easy on Friday, since I knew she was going to the Mideast today and everything. But, wow, I just double-checked and OMG, she was totally busy yesterday! I'm assuming she was at the White House to get her old talking points refreshed and new ones implanted. I love the above picture because Stephen Hadley is so perfectly in step with the boss.

Later, Condi had not one, but two of those funny "have you met my friend? He was just leaving" photo-ops, where the guest star doesn't merit the whole matching armchairs experience. These are the saddest bunnies in Condiland. First, Kevin Rudd, scourge of Australia:

(AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)

The above is wonderful because you can clearly see the masking tape "marks" for this photo-op:

And last and probably least to America's Princess Diplomat, Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr. Yawn:

(AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)

He's probably wondering why he came, and so are we! Condi allowed one question from the press, and it was wasted on her boring Washington Times thingy. Still, that was a busy Condiday for a Friday before travel. Why expend the effort? Have you figured it out yet? Yes! It's the Condibot! I'm guessing this was the labor-saving, Disneytronic, Animagic™ robot put into action while the real Madame Secretary had a spa day before flying to the Mideast.

Did you spot the Condibot?


Anonymous said...

The photo (#1) of Bush, Rice, and Hadley reminds me of the evolution of Condi and her men trying to achieve diplomacy. See photo:

Civic Center said...

Why is it that on worldwide amateur porn web sites, the Norwegians are always the sexiest of the Scandinavians? Can anybody explain this?

The blatant showing of the spike marks for standing and posing by the professional photographers strikes me as a total gesture of contempt for Ms. Condi and Crew, and I'm glad you spotted it. In fact, the photographers probably did it just for you, Princess. Talk about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

Distributorcap said...

did you notice the quick flag change for the two diplobots? condi wouldnt want the norwegian photographed with the aussie flag would she. or did she just use the flag to wipe her boogers

Matthew Hubbard said...

Okay, there's white, there's pasty faced and then there's Stephen Hadley! He could be Borg, he's so pale! Is there any known evidence that blood actually flows through his veins?

Anonymous said...

Despite my near-uncontrollable urge to post a comment on this unique blog to recognize its author's genius, I find myself incapable of making any comments of note or wit on the above pixes (esp. no 1), except, with a total lack of originality, to suggest the utter mediocrity of their subjects.

Anonymous said...

PSP, Condi's hair and clothes have been at a stable state for quite some time (read: boring). "Low" rating is warranted. Besides, her face appears to be more youthful and her body more svelte. I can't tell what is real about our Dear Diplomat these days, thanks to advanced technology in photography. In addition, she is now explicitly recognizing that she is indeed Black in America and race matters in America. Maybe, it's the Condibot.

How about a Condi Middle East Peace Process Alert System (CMEP)? We have 9 more months left to honor our Dear Diplomat. What better way than to start a pool to see if she will achieve peace in the Middle East.

Cheers to you, Condi. Best wishes with the arm-twisting and economic payout for achieving peace.

Carlos A Coyote said...

Speaking of John Waters...the Bush, Condi & Hadley pic is awfully close to a Madison, as usual W is out of step with everyone else. I bet PSP already noticed the Madisonesque nature of the photo.

dguzman said...

The easiest "tell" for me as to when it's live or when it's Condibot is what I call "the lean." The Condibot is often shown leaning slightly forward (see last photograph), as though the 'bot was programmed to "get close" to humans, but it just doesn't understand the emotional colors of the idea and thus just leans forward slightly and hopes the programmers are satisfied.

zoe said...

Manolo sighting! Please rotate tour shoes, Condibot!