Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm a Barbie Bush Girl!

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice returns via helicopter with President George W. Bush from a weekend visit at Camp David to the White House in Washington February 3, 2008. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES)

OK, as distressing as Condi's uncoordinated bag is, don't let it distract you. And it is bad, isn't it? I mean... she's got the all-black thing going on, and that bag is just so resolutely brown! Maybe it's just a trick of the light and it really is black?

Oops, see? I got distracted! Resist it! But anyway, yay, Condi got to go to Camp David again this weekend! She just follows George around like a puppy, doesn't she? And yesterday you could just tell she was pleased as punch to be sitting next to him as he presented his $100 Gazilion budget:


Please remind yourself that this is what passes for "conservative" these days, and wonder no longer why McCain, somehow, is now called "liberal" by the GOP's two right wings*. 'Cause if it's Bush, the reasoning goes, it's conservative! Never you mind past definitions! So if it's anti-Bush, it's obviously commie/pinko/liberal. Didn't you ever take logic class? Did you pass? OK, that's why you're having trouble following this. Try another one: we don't torture, so if we do it, it isn't torture! See? It's easy once you get the hang of it.

But Condi... oh, Condi, they're saying mean things about you again, and today that "The Commission" book hits the stores, so it's only going to get worse. The latest leaked bits concern the characterization of Condi as a wayward teenager who will do anything just to be George's best buddy, as so plainly displayed in the photos above.

*Why do people have such a hard time with this simple concept? We've all gotten so accustomed to the hoary old idea that each party has a "moderate" side and a "radical" side that we forget that it may not be true. The GOP has two radical fringes: the nutty Christians and the anti-government radicals (better known as the Neocons). Neither should really be considered "conservative" by the now old-fashioned use of the term. While it's true that George Bush managed to combine them in an unholy stew, it's looking like those days are over, especially when an old really conservative warhorse like McCain is now referred to, nonsensically, as "moderate."


FranIAm said...

I just read some piece that Pat (barfing readily) Buchanan wrote scourging McCain who is seemingly to the left of Russ Feingold at the moment. (did I miss something?)

I would not find myself defending McCain in a million years but for God's sake he did not vote for the f-ing tax cuts because they far too heavily favored the rich. (quelle suprise!)

I am glad to see the Republicans so screwed up that their heads are embedded deep in their rectums.

As for the Democrats, of which I am one, we have mad issues of our own. Just not these issues!

Happy Super Duper Uber Stupor Tuesday.

Matty Boy said...

Yes, Princess, knowing logic and having a memory longer than a news cycle makes things just so hard these days.

I think two sets of conservatives today may be a low estimate. McCain is in that tiny group, the pro-war conservatives, while the pro-Jesus and pro-nativist crowds seem to hate him.

Usually, it's the Dems imploding in a year divisible by four. It's peculiar to watch it happening to the Republicans this time around.

karenzipdrive said...

I think it's fantastic that the neo-con radio & talkshow media hate McCain so much.
I hope they keep talking once McC wins the GOP nomination, that way their voters will either stay home or vote Democratic.

TeleFrank said...

Princess, you have totally boiled this down to its essence.

If x = Bush, it's conservative.
If x != Bush, it's obviously commie/pinko/liberal.

You have made it so simple that even a child (or GWB) could grasp it!

karenzipdrive said...

In that pic where Bush is showing off his new Fisher Price laptop, Condi looks so proud that Georgie can actually work it. Like a proud nanny.

jolie said...

I love you princess sparkle pony!

dguzman said...

Oo, oo, I think I got it!

stay in Iraq another 100 years = commie/pinko/lefty/liberal!

stay in Iraq until Rapture = conservative republican, with bonus wacko reich-wingnut points for mentioning the Rapture!

Anonymous said...

George: This here's my newest budget. It's got moneys in it for 'portant stuff like fightin' turr'ists. It don't waste moneys on stuff like Medicare & Medicaid. That's stuff folks should save up fer. Now I'll turn to page one. (Loud whisper to Condi: Condi, do you know how to get this safety frame thingy off? Condi?)