Monday, September 10, 2007

Random Larry Craig Gag



drew in sf said...

Hey Sparkle, I can't resist commenting on your metakitschy Love Is 'shop. Well played! That strip (in general) is the most endearingly revolting thing I've ever seen. Completely appropriate for the Sen. Uncle Tearoom (R-Idaho) saga.

In related news, This recent one takes a pretty dark turn.

drew in sf said...

This one (my HTML got hijacked, arrgh! Tinyurl directs to a url.)

karenzipdrive said...

Why would Larry Craig be crying? He didn't do anything wrong.

dguzman said...

"endearingly revolting" -- perfect description for that old strip. I love how you used such classic throwback comics. That Billy's a smart kid. Nice work!

Matty Boy said...

Love is... rendered moot by not having genitalia.

If Sen. Craig had no genitalia, he'd still be in the good graces of his party. Sad, really.

Anonymous said...

I heart Larry Craig.

You're a genius, Sparkle. Love is... shudder.

-- desertwind

PS -- Once? Back in college? In 1976? I was so offended by my room-mate's (non-ironic) bulletin board display of that comic that I tore it down. Punk rock!