Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"War on Terror or Whatever"

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice meets with Indonesia's Defense Minister Yuwono Sudarson at the State Department in Washington April 16, 2007. (UNITED STATES) REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Never mind the Indonesian guy; he's just another body to balance out the matching armchairs photo-op. Today's fun Condiread is Dana Milbank's latest in the Washington Post. So the people at the State Department who are, like, totally in charge of spreading democracy had a meeting, and Condi showed up! Yay! But, you know, talking about Iraq is too boring 'n' depressing, so what's a bunch of diplopals to do? Why, sit around complimenting each other, natch:

To help fill the time without talking about Iraq, the committee members took turns bathing Rice in praise.

"You had no notes. You just spoke honestly to us. I was very impressed," said Mark Palmer.

"I have to say, as I listen to you, Madam Secretary, that something comes through that's very genuine," said Brian Atwood.

"Very comprehensive and coherent," commented Carl Gershman.

"Powerful," agreed Crocker.

"Your insightful words," said Kenneth Wollack, "come from the heart as well as the head."

Wow, that's some strong criticism they're throwing at Dr. Ferragamo! See, this is why the State Department doesn't get much done: they simply love each other too much! And how did Condi respond to their not-so-tough love?

Rice reciprocated by praising her committee. "We've already gotten some outstanding recommendations. . . . I think the other recommendations are great. . . . I couldn't agree more. . . . I agree completely. . . . Great comments. . . . I find myself in violent agreement with what's been said around the table."

The secretary of state offered the committee members a provocative thought to start their deliberations. She asserted that the "first goal" of American foreign policy should be developing democracies. "Now, why don't I say 'war on terror' or whatever?" she continued. "Because without well-governed, democratic states, you're likely to have failed states or authoritarian states that are going to submerge but not deal with the unhealthy political forces that lead to extremism."

OMG, 'war on terror' or whatever! I fully couldn't have said it better myself!


HRH King Friday XIII said...

Those sound like quotes from a movie review!

Critics say Condi is "Genuine."

"Very comprehensive" says The New York Times.

"Powerful" -Entertainment Weekly.

"Two Thumbs WAY Up!" Siskel and Ebert.

Anonymous said...

How about "Wow! What a war criminal" (or whatever)

Fran said...

not too put too fine a point on it, but this says it all..

"Now, why don't I say 'war on terror' or whatever?" she continued. "Because without well-governed, democratic states, you're likely to have failed states or authoritarian states that are going to submerge but not deal with the unhealthy political forces that lead to extremism."

She should know!!!

Matty Boy said...

I don't want to castigate my fellow PonyPals™ or our dear PSP herself, but we are all adults here. You've never been in a mutual suck-up meeting at a company that was circling the drain?

No? Really? I'm the only one? Well... whatever.

Can I say something nice about Condi today? Notice that with her crossed legs in the picture, at least one of her heels is on the the ground. Not as ladylike as the cross at the ankles, but not as inappropriate as her usual wacky legs akimbo yoga exercise.

Fran said...

matty boy, point made and well taken. but it WAS fun to act as if it had never happened to me. when not frittering away my time here at the psp party, i am an executroid life form at a large soul-less corporation. the big suck up is a way of life.

and you are so right, her legs don't look all freaky weird!

the demure covering his man parts body language of the other guy is interesting.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks, Fran, for your honesty. I won't call it brave or refreshing or all-too-rare, but instead call it nice. That's what I expect from PonyPals™; we're nice people here. (Maybe not Minnesota Nice, because then we wouldn't make fun of Condi, but nice anyway.)

As for disaster mode suckup-athons, I think the big news story of yesterday and today make it clear that Fran and I are not alone in our work experience. After all, you can do a bang-up job investigating a double murder and those 31 extra dead bodies that show up several hours later are just... bad luck that could happen to anybody.

Anonymous said...

"unhealthy political forces that lead to extremism."

I don't get it... She's already part of an unhealthy political force with an extreme agenda. Oh, wait. I get it. She doesn't want to encourage competition.

Anonymous said...

For the Princess and her admirers,

Video of Kondi's pal Karen Hughes (another Dubya gal):
Whatever happened to Karen Hughes??? – youTube

Jess Wundrun said...

Anyone notice how she said we should be "developing" democracies?

I think the condibot needs to have her vocabulary retooled. Surely, since we are not in the business of nation building, she meant to say "supporting" democracies.

But then the Lebanese would beg to differ.

Beg! Lebanese, Beg!

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey... these aren't State bureaucrats. These ARE big-company-advisory-capacity-private-sector people.

Gosh, really. You'll hurt feelings. You must know that we State bureaucrats would be sucking up harder.

txyankee said...

"violent agreement" ???????

No Marsupial Equivalent said...

txyankee said...
"violent agreement" ???????

I know, what a weird turn of phrase... Especially when what she's violently agreeing with is all those underlings & sycophants praising... the goodlooking doctor herself.

Jess Wundrun said...

perhaps she meant 'inviolable'. Or 'in violet' or 'in viola'? Or perhaps she really meant 'in violent' but wanted us to think she meant inviolable so we'll overlook it. Like how bush in his oath of office promised to 'execute' the constitution. And we kinda laughed it off. But then he really did.

Lulu Maude said...

When did they break out the Wesson oil?