Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Laura "Crazy Eyes" Bush's Slow Morph into Nancy Reagan Nearly Complete

U.S. President George W. Bush speaks alongside first lady Laura Bush (L) during their visit to the Shenandoah National Park in Luray, Virginia, February 7, 2007. Bush spoke about his 2008 Budget launch of the National Parks Centennial Initiative, part of the largest National Parks operations budget in history which includes the largest ever increase for park operations. REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES)
Well, she's got the worshipful gaze and the wardrobe color scheme down. Honestly, it'll only take a minor wig swap, and the transformation will be fully realized.

And look! Is George holding Condi's invisible friend?


Matty Boy said...

Compare this picture to the one with the little red dress/popsicle/bong from earlier this week. In that one her neck looks fine, but here, serious Nancy turkey neck action.

Wassup with dat?

Muscato said...

It doesn't seem to me that she really, really has the worshipful part of the gaze down, yet; the expression is just, just, just this side of blank and mindless enough. Somewhere deep in that Prozac-and-nicotine-addled matron beats the heart of an eager young bookworm-murderess who's thinking "If the angle, were just right, I could pop him behind the ear and steal that damn sphere right out from under him...."

ivan said...

All she needs now is a string of pearls. She's already got the neck wrinkles, too!

Lulu Maude said...

Actually, she's preparing to pounce Condi's invisible friend, the minute George lets his guard down. She knows that Condi lent out the I.F. to keep herself in Dubya's otherwise empty little head.

I'd kick y'all about the tacky neck comments, but my bunions are bothering me.

samael7 said...

"Homunculus...dying for a cigarette."

Karen Zipdrive said...

That's a serious neck waddle, all right.