Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Condi Probably Not That Into the Widescreen Tom Lantos Show

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, left, listens to the opening remarks of House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Lantos, D-Calif., on monitor, prior to testifying on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2007 before the committee's hearing on the State Department's fiscal 2008 budget. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
We don't usually get sideways views of the celebrated Condi coiffure, so enjoy this extra-helmetty shot.


Nike the Insult Dog said...

The helmet hair is to protect her from Ackerman's Iraqi Lesbian Terrorist Platoon!

Anonymous said...

check out Condi as a panda at
(midway thru the video)

Matty Boy said...

There's a little wispiness on top, probably leftover from the hair product disaster caused by German windstorm last month.

As porno makers have found out, HDTV can give too much information and should only be used sparingly.

Tom Lantos' face was made for the small screen, the smaller the better. For best results, use your iPod; in fact, an audio podcast is probably better still.

Muscato said...

Like HDTV, it seems to me that this profile shot is in danger of giving us too much information, and none of it seems that good.

What Matty, for example, being a kind soul, refers to as a little hairdo-wispiness could, I would argue, be referred to more aptly as a flyaway-disaster-in-progress, with an almost Dondi-like forelock about to break free up front (is there no-one close enough to her to get her to smooth her hair as she leaves the limo?).

In addition, we're getting a very rare indeed side view of the Klingon-brow at rest; not fully furrowed, but ready to spring into action.

Meanwhile, the lower on the face you go, the worse the prognosis; it's as if gravity gets heavier from the nose down, with the downturned lips and jowls leading to an evitable poochiness-factor round about the chin.

Finally, the shot reveals the one response that Team Condi has in place for high-pressure public appearances such as these is: makeup with a trowel. "Cakiness" is the word that comes to mind, with a definite danger of cracking and flaking northwest of the eyebrows.

The perspective lent by room enough for two-armchairs-and-a-table-for-the-flowers is vital: in the high stakes world of International Diplomacy, distance lends enchantment.

Edith's Friend said...

Seems like time to rehab the coiff, Doc. The nappiness is definitely sneaking back in, and it may be the light, but there does appear to be a touch of grey at the roots showing just at the part. Apparently, there's been a little too much work aand not enough maintenance lately. Take a day for beauty, Condi -- we'll all feel better about ourselves!

OMG, what am I saying -- the worse the hairdo looks, the more she's actually doing her job!!!

Karen Zipdrive said...

So THAT'S where those damn WMDs are hidden!