Monday, February 12, 2007

Condi Celebrates African American History Month with --Who Else?-- George W. Bush

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, left, stands while attending an event marking African American History Month as President Bush speaks, right, Monday, Feb. 12,2007 in the East Room of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Well, honestly, the less said about that the better.

But! In other African American Republican™ news, Niger Innis of the not-at-all batshit insane Congress of Racial Equality is simply so confused by Barack "Hussein" Obama that he's reduced --literally!-- to gibberish:

A conservative black leader believes he knows the real motivation behind what he calls the "Barack Obama phenomenon." The Illinois senator officially launched his Presidential bid over the weekend, challenging favorite Hillary Clinton.

Niger Innis, national spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality, does not think Obama, the first-term U.S. senator from Illinois, has enough experience right now to be a viable candidate for president. But Innis has a theory as to why the Democratic Party is "going goo-goo and ga-ga," as he puts it, over the former Illinois state senator.

"They were scared to death that unless they started promoting a high-profile African-American into the highest ranks of the Democratic Party -- which they had not done before -- then they were going to lose their monopoly on the black vote," says Innis.

Innis names several black Republicans who have come up through the ranks over the past several years that he believes have put the Democrats back on their heels -- Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Justice Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, Lynn Swann, Ken Blackwell.

"And that is, I think, what makes up more than anything else the Barak Obama 'phenomenon,'" Innis concludes.

He's Right! Because nothing makes the Democrats feel more jealous and insecure than when they're dazzled by the glow of Michael Steele, Lynn Swann, and Ken Blackwell's brilliantly successful political careers.

Bad news for us, though, because it turns out Obama's uppity.


Blue Gal said...

And once again, we all need a new spleen.

Thanks to the Pony Pal (tm) who came up with that one.

Princess, do you have any plans to celebrate that French commie presidential candidate Segolene Royale? 'Cause to me she looked all diplobabe n' stuff.

Anonymous said...

These two obscene thugs deserve each other -- with "race" having nothing to do with it.

They are both rightfully suspected war criminals and should be be dispatched to The Hague subito.