Wednesday, January 03, 2007

CNN Follows Metaphor to Logical Conclusion

This screenshot has been posted elsewhere already, but it's just such a thing of beauty, such a harmonic convergence of hackneyed metaphor and matter-of-fact photo-editing, that I just had to share. Oh, how I've taken your inane web site to task, CNN, but today you really came through. Bravo!


fattytummy said...

dear presnit bush, you do not need a plan for iraq, becoz ya will obviously screw it up. bringing casey and abizaid back was enough, now bring caldwell and everybody else back too.

caldwell is a space idiot nutcase of historic proportions.

we will do all the bringing back, ya just give us the ships and the OK.

what ya do need is a plan for germany, obviously the peeps who won the war with germany left a lot undone, they left the peeps there as annoying and unhelpful as they had been before.

they not only did not help you in iraq, but they get all uppity with eveyrbody on the mid east and now want their own security council seat, oh sure.

I think you should take the time to announce your plan for germany, presnit, it is very simple : a menorah in every village, a seder by every mayor and free honorary citizenship for anybody of hebrew or palestine origin.

this should be the plan for both germany and austria, they made the mess, we sick of them grandstanding and pontificating to us all day long, while we struggle to fix it.

they can easily absorb 5 million palestines, they pretend to love them anyway, they can settle them and the palestines will finally have rivers and mountains and lederhosen and yodelling and oh my, buxoms and beer, what could be better.

presnit bush, make this your mission in life, to make sure germany and austria live up to the war responsibilities.

bye bye.

Anonymous said...

Better headline:
Drunken cowboy drives country into ditch.