Thursday, January 04, 2007

Noteworthy Hairdo Conquers Switzerland

Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy Rey speaks during a signing ceremony at the EU Council building in Brussels, Monday Feb. 27, 2006. Switzerland will finance projects in the European Union's 10 new member states worth 1 billion Swiss francs (645 million) over the next five years, the EU executive office said Monday. (AP Photo/Virginia Mayo)
What is it about diplogals? Please gaze in wonder at the incredible new President of Switzerland, Micheline Calmy Rey, who, besides being named after a brand of tires, also sports one of the most fascinating coiffures to cross my desk in some time. It's like a Beatle cut with a blond starfish draped over the top, and I declare it outstanding, and I also wonder if this is the proof of extraterrestrial life we've been waiting for.

And, of course, Micheline is Condi's Swiss counterpart. But get this: even though she's the new head of state, I guess it's a part-time gig and she has to keep her day job as foreign minister! Oh, Switzerland is a peculiar, primitive place!

But how does she get along with her gal-pals, the other girl foreign ministers of the world? Well, who do you think organizes the slumber parties? Indeed:
swissinfo: A few years ago you launched an international network of woman ministers. Do you plan to build it up?

M. C:R.: The network of woman foreign affairs ministers was initiated by a number of people who wanted to meet up, exchange experiences and advance certain women's issues. We meet twice a year during the Human Rights Council and UN General Assembly sessions. In 2005, for example, we helped establish the Office for the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women in Geneva on a permanent basis.
And to prove her bond with her girlish colleagues, here's a picture of Micheline with Sparklestar Ursula Plassnik:

(AP Photo/Virginia Mayo)

Try to contain your fantasies for the rest of the day. And a grand swish of the combable tail to the shy Pony Pal™ who alerted me to this awesome world player!


Matty Boy said...

Yow! and Yikes!

Thank you, Princess, for introducing us to this new important player on the DiploGal scene.

I'm old enough to remember that "Beatle" cuts were derided as "Moe" cuts, a sneering reference to the Three Stooges gruppenfuhrer, but now... Moe meets highlights meets the Swiss Miss of Diplomacy! My head is near exploding.

I'm trying not to be a complete comment hog and quip about every photo you put up, though they are all pretty terrific, but when you actually include Our Ursula, I have to comment. It's in my contract!

Ursula! And Michelene! Real happy smiles! Trading yearbooks to sign! They sat next to each other in math class! BFF! And Ursula in black with pearls! It's a cliche, but nothing is a cliche when our Ursula wears it!

Also, it was very thoughtful of Ursula to remain seated, because I think the Swiss Miss would come up to about Ursula's ladyparts.

And with that, we return to the Unavoidable SparklePony Subtext.

guru-On-A-Soap-Box said...

I cannot help thinking Micheline is trying to let the world know about her 'Inner Blonde'. She's a party gal, not afraid to let herself go in a waterbed stuffed with thousand euro notes when she finds the right sort of stud-plomat to swish her clockwise---never ever counterclockwise. I see her and Peter Pace for example, stuffing bills in hidden places. A Swiss-American money orgy deelite.

As I am rather stunned, nay, flat out damflabbergasted by this display of 'other estrogen' in the diplomatic world--I shall stop before uncoding myself any further.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Matty, according to the original photo caption, Ursula and Micheline really are trading "signature books", so your "yearbooks" remark was right on target.

Edith's Friend said...

That hairdo looks familiar, as does the stature... And the carefully situated Swiss flag in the background provides all the confirmation I need: That diplogal is (at least fashionwise) the EU Exene.

Lulu Maude said...

Sister Nancy Beth Eczema has just covered selective coloring in beauty school and probably can give us additional insight into the creation of that striking 'do.

Blue Gal said...

Don't know as much about hairdos as Sister Nancy, but methinks that one requires the use of Reynolds Wrap. Which is exciting in and of itself.

Princess, you're one of the best writers in the blogosphere.

copperred said...

I'm guessing Ms. Rey is aiming for that perfect union of compromise between blonde and black, without any of that mixing nonsense that yields that horrid "black hair bleached brown" look.

Carmen Sutra said...

Ursula 'sans pareo' is even more stunning than usual. Her scarf habit must have originated as an attempt to shield us lesser beings from her glory.

Anonymous said...

Angela Merkel - mind the fashion tips that await you!! Once that woman in France(in a perimenopausal haze combined with swooning over these photos so i can't recall her name...)Euro women will be all the rage. And Condi... after being relegated to the second row, next to Chelsea, well what does that say?

That 'do is a dandy! And the bonus of having Ursula and her naked neck really made my otherwise blah day very ooh-la-la day!

Matty Boy said...

So much for my resolution not to be a comment hog.

Switzerland is a little country with four official languages; managing a mere two colors of hair stunningly should be cake for Micheline.

Is the guy in the back the guy who always follows Ursula around, arms crossed over his puny, non-girly, non-giant chest?

And Ursula... sigh. And Ursula's neck... double sigh. And Ursula's shoulders! YOW! Those aren't pads, but actual mighty giantess muscle and bone!

And I've overdone it again and must lie down. Sigh.

pissed off patricia said...

I believe in her country it is required to wear a half a coconut on one's head during waking hours.

Jess Wundrun said...

Calming Ray? Is that something I can pick up at the spa to soothe my Condivapors? My 3 year old daughter has requested that we now call her 'Lava Lamp' but I am going to gently suggest 'Calming Ray'.

Pretty princess tori said...

I am in love with Ursula. I hope in two years, when Condi isn't in office anymore, this becomes an Ursula blog.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Princess Sparkle Pony could consider a "Ladies of Foreign Policy." The Swiss seem to be doing their part.

Anonymous said...

Ursula! You look ravishing! Don't turn back now -- so beautiful!

From one giantess to another.

(Some of the Princesses have plenty of fun without the shoulder pads, no?)

p.s. I love you Princess Sparkle Pony!

puritani said...

We shouldn't forget that sandwiched between these central European diplogals is the principality of Liechtenstein, and its reigning (and handsome) Prince Hans-Adam II. Could they be planning a putsch against their defenseless (and foreign secretaryless) neighbor?

fattytummy said...

thanks princess, great pix.

the gal pal one was fabulous and confirmed what I telepathized all along, these euro minister gals have great sleep ins with their boyfriend jamie robertson of the beeb who wears a kilt and is tireless as long as the chicks are on top.

its all true, princess and ya can quote me.

guru-On-A-Soap-Box said...

With Ursula it had damn well better be 'chicks on top'. Kilt or no kilt, I have yet to meet a man who could take her---but when I do....grrrrrrr...........

Matty Boy said...

Guru, dear Guru, no man takes Ursula. It is our honor to serve Ursula. Is it our fondest wish to please Ursula. Top and bottom have no meaning, but in Yankee parlance, she is pitching and we (lucky we!) are catching. In Eurospeak, she's taking the penalty and we are minding the net.

And if we do our best, she nuzzles us and scratches us behind the ear and coos... it's Heaven!

fattytummy said...

matty boy, you are so right, that is exactly jamie's attitude to the euro gals who waltz in on him. they bring him wine and lil euro candies and his wife never asks how come their fridge is stuffed with all these foreign thangs.

and then they put new sheets on his carpet and his bed and they roll all over him, and smoochie his head and stick their tongues down his throat and lick his face and neck and sip wine and nibble candies in between and they roll on him and ride his penis up and down till their pussy satisfied and soft and happy.

they always wishing for condi to come join them, they say she looks lonely, even though they know condi and laura have the same kind of sex with george pinned down that they have with robbie.

in fact, georgies tummy and jamie's look very much the same, its amazing.

thas why we keep telling jamie to go to dallas and let the chicks there roll all over him. really, jamie you otta

bye bye

those euro gals are quite neat, really, except when they rail against our cia boyfrns, we get ticked off at that, they love the safety from the cia and then they sniff at them, well, you gals knew all along, now ya acting all umbraged, so there.

be nice to our boyfrns just like we nice to yas.

and tell the cia how to operate in the open in ya country since ya own asses dont know how to keep ya safe.


guru-On-A-Soap-Box said...

Thank you Matty boy. In fact, I woke up at 3 a.m and realized that I had juxtaposed all WRONG. I meant that Ursula must always remain on the bottom, not the top as I was afraid she'd crush the poo-poo out of any man she mounted unless he was gravity-free. But you've cleared that all up for me and now I can rest easy.

You 'mind the net' so articulately. I pray that some day Ursula might scratch your ears and tell you you are sweet and fluffy. She'll NEVER look at me. I only come up to her kneepads.

John Barnes said...

I'd call that hairstyle "fringe benefit" , haha. John Barnes.

Matty Boy said...

The Princess asked to contain our fantasies; I think we suceeded only in containing them to five paragraphs or less.

Guru, sweet Guru, do not despair over your stature vis-a-vis the Wonderful Ursula. We all fall short in the eyes of the Lord, and we all stand short in the presence of His mightiest maiden. She forgives and understands, she maketh us to lie down on beds of giant scarves.

She dominates a room physically, of course, but more importantly she dominates diplomatically and stylistically. And that's why we love her. As soon as we think of it, as soon as we know she exists, and we know thanks to the Princess, we have no choice.

Isn't that the true wonder of Ursula?

guru-On-A-Soap-Box said...

Matty Boy--- still my hummingbird heart....dare I say it? YES YES YES I DO!!!!

Ursuala's thighs.

{ }

a dead faint

Karen Zipdrive said...

That girl's a supa'freak.