Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Quickie: What Do John Kerry and "Our" Troops Have in Common? They're ALL Stupid

Yes, I think Kerry's generally cretinous, but in this case I agree with the implication of his badly-delivered joke: if you enlisted (or remained) in the armed services under Bush, you are a moron.

UPDATE: Hey, I get to expand a Quickie-post! Somebody at isn't very amused by my above comment. I take issue with a couple of his/her criticisms on this post and the Pink Pony in general. First of all, my "fuck the troops" sentiment is hardly common among Democrats, and I posted my opinion knowing full well a lot of my readers would disagree with it. Also... won't the Republicans at least give me credit for calling Kerry "cretinous"?

Second, the author describes this site this way:
Pony uses the site to post photos of Condi Rice and other Bush administration officials that have satirical commentary attached to them, usually about Rice's hair, or her wardrobe. The site is filled with the usual condescension and contempt towards Rice for being black, Christian, and Republican at the same time.
OK, now that kinda ruffles my gorgeous, combable tail. I don't think I've ever written about Condi's purported Christianity, and I've rarely commented on anything having to do with her alleged blackness. Contrast that with the Republican Party, always eager to exploit the "blackness" of the few misguided African Americans who wander into their "big tent". I'm sure Michael Steele in particular is regretting all the times he got pushed to the front of all those Bush-attended photo-ops right about now.

But in the end, do I think all African American Christian Republicans are idiots? Oh, my, yes. But since I think all Republicans and Christians are idiots, that kinda goes without saying.

Kudos to Red State, however, for respectfully using the pronouns "she" and "her" in their hatchet piece. That always makes my day.


Anonymous said...

If you were smart you'd be able to tell the differnece between BS & buckwheat.
If you have an education, the military doesn't make as much sense as a career move.

Yes JK is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

And everyone thought that Teresa Heinz-Kerry was the loose cannon! Hah! If the joke is that hard to get, it should not have been told. He owes an apology... to the entire Democratic party for f*ing it all up. Karl Rove is dancing in his office, his head all sweaty and gleeful over this.


Anonymous said...

anyone who signs up to fight in bush's war is an idiot


Anonymous said...

Why is this a flap? Seriously, its not all that interesting. It doesn't seem to be that stupid a comment. And either how he said or what he meant, the basically mean the same thing: the administration is stupid and you've sold your soul to a bunch of idiots that couldn't manage their way out of a paper bag. And if you think you're going to get out of Iraq and off to finish your education in no time, think again little soldier. No one cares about you and you're the sacrificial lamb in one administration's quest for a legacy.

gregg said...

I'm a college senior, which means that at the time of the WTC attacks, myself and my peers were nearing the end of our highschool careers. I know a few kids who, caught up in the surge of patriotism, joined the military. Luckily, they had their wits about them enough to mostly stay in ROTC programs, which might just keep them out of the worst of it.

So I guess I disagree with you in saying that "if you enlisted recently, you're a moron", if only because when you're 18 years old, you're a moron by default. I'm 21, and remain a moron.

And even ignoring those who enlisted because of patriotism, there are those who enlisted because they had been lead to believe (correctly or not) that military ties were the only way they would get to go to college. Recruiters lay it on thick; I got several intense phone calls my senior year, despite having never expressed interest in a military career, and qualifying for the Strategic Hairdresser Reserve Exemption.

In short, I guess I'm just pointing out that young people are morons when it comes to their futures, young people continue to be morons at heart despite the best military training and leadership, and young people in the current military have not received anything like the best military leadership. It's not their fault for being naive, trusting, and optimistic. Poor fools.

I would say it makes me sick to think of the guys my age and younger who are dying for this stupid war in Iraq, but I can't muster up any feeling for it. It's something that I can't think about in real terms. I'm annoyed at my inability to understand, but I never want to understand...

I want the government in this country to be something I'm proud of. At the very least, something that doesn't make me feel ill. I want them to stop wasting the lives of other people. The morons I shared homeroom with. The morons who are the older brothers of my moron friends. The morons who only wanted to do something good for their country; a country that doesn't deserve them.

And I wish everyone would have known better.

(The only thing I'll miss about this administration is this blog. Keep up the fabulous work, PSP!)

Anonymous said...

redstate is a humorless place. almost as humorless as jk's remark, which by now is so overdone as to barely merit mention.

PSP how I delight in you rankling the dour resdstaters!! And then "she" and "her" to boot.

Brava my sweet Princess!!! Brava!!


celal777 said...

But since I think all Republicans and Christians are idiots, that kinda goes without saying.

Hi there ... I'm a Christian but i still find your blog very very entertaining. Maybe it's 'cause i just hates that chimp in the White House too darn much!

Carmen Sutra said...

Your tail should be ruffled, PSP! This site is filled with (quite exceptional) condescension and contempt towards Rice for being mendacious, inept, and a bimbo at the same time. The qualities Red State mention rarely come into play here. Methinks Red State is projecting.

Anonymous said...

Condi's Black?

I never noticed.

Jacob said...

This is gold. I'm awarding you the "It's Funny Cos It's True" Award.

Jon said...

Princess, I'm not terribly hurt by your comments but I do have to speak up. I attend an "inclusive" parish of the Episcopal Church, otherwise known as the Homo Church of Satan. We have banners with rainbows at the door and lots of signs that say all are welcome. We all drink coffee together and go to meetings of the church film club where we watch films with subtitles, then we get in our priuses and go march in immigrant rights demonstrations. We pray for the speedy and safe return home of all combatants in Iraq. We are awfully nice people. There are tons of people in churches all over the country who are not stupid, or vicious or hateful. I know that you're an anonymous pink pony and that your comments only reflect the anger and frustration so many of us feel with the creepy Chrisitians who have come to dominate so much of life in America.
As to the stupidity of the soldiers. I'm awfully fond of my nephew, who is a Master Sergeant in an armored infantry diviision. He joined the army because, five years after graduating from High School, he still couldn't find a job that paid more than minimum wage in the high desert shit hole he calls home. He has repeatedly tried to leave the military. Every time it's time to reenlist, he sends out resumes looking for a new job, and he never gets offered anything better than what the Army is paying him. He is a clever fellow and by a combination of luck and pluck he has managed to get his orders changed three times, so that he has not had to go to Iraq. This is personally insanely difficult, and very harmful to his "carreer" in the military, but he just wants a job with medical insurance and a pension and the Army is the only one he's been able to find. I think there's a lof of people in the Army who find themselves in similar binds.
I realize that you are the one on the defensive. I know that artsy, gay big city bloggers are being attacked by mean, hateful "Christian patriots", but there are really lots of people who are doing the best they can, in Churches and the Army and other places that kind of suck. Some of them love you very much, so please spare us a kind thought.
Sorry for my incredibly bad sentence construction. I'm too tired to edit myself.
Much love Princess.