Thursday, March 04, 2010

UPDATE: More Brands Successfully Wedge Their Names Into AP Report On Sarah Palin Gifting Suite Rampage

Shown above is the godawful "Bandal"  snatched up by greedy Sarah Palin

Haw, earlier today I wrote about the Palin entourage's terrifying Academy Award Gifting Suite horror shakedown, and mentioned that "since she refused to be photographed, the only way the vendors could make it worthwhile was by complaining to the press about her being pushy and grabby."

And sure enough, more of the vendors present have come forward to bravely tell their stories, and have cleverly managed to get their product placements through after all, while skillfully avoiding passing judgment on the blatantly greedy fame-whore:

Lorna Khoo of and various other vendors exhibiting their wares at the Silver Spoon gift suite said the former vice presidential candidate visited the suite on Wednesday morning and snapped up organic soaps from Wembe, personalized stationery from, leopard-print wedge sandals from Bandals, and a slinky robe from Jenna Leigh lingerie.

"I gave the same robe to Jennifer Aniston," said Jenna Leigh, the designer whose label bears her name.

A big, sparkley well done to all of the above for getting your product plugged by the Associated Press. Particularly because it all seems to be really junky crap, such as this Jenna Leigh robe:

But never mind. That's CARDSTORE.COM FTW!


Fran said...

Jeggings and bandals? I've never loved being unfashionable more than today!

Peteykins said...

Jeggings, Bandals, and that Kenya Kimono robe... all at the same time. Hott.

Anonymous said...

sorry formerly known as Sparkle Pony.
I didnt know!
You cover Bible Spice better than anyone, it is so vivid.
Her hair does not change enough, though.

Or does it?

Matthew Hubbard said...

Peteykins, hasn't this story already been thoroughly debunked by an anonymous poster? Why hasn't the AP written the retraction yet.

dguzman said...

I'm wondering if what Matty Boy says is true. It would make sense; after all, why would Palin buy ORGANIC anything?

Bartman said...

That robe has fabric in all the wrong places, and lacks it in some.

Frankensteinbeck said...

Hey, some of us LIKE The Hooties! The robe's not that bad. Yes, the sandals are gauche beyond belief, but if you have just the right figure and you're wearing it with someone you bloody well plan on sleeping with *again* any minute now, the robe is fine.

The idea of Sarah Palin wearing any of these items makes my skin crawl for the exact five seconds it takes for me to bust out laughing. I assume she plans on selling them.

samael7 said...

Jeggings and bandals and "kenya kimonos," indeed. This just goes to show what Herself has done to the nation's politico-fashion discourse in America. I weep.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Hmm it sure seems like there was a lot of crap in the gifting suite.
Maybe this was a fake suite to keep the riff-raff out of the cool suite where the tasteful things were.

Jean said...
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