Wednesday, October 03, 2007

George Reveals Techniques for Keeping Uppity Condi in Her Place

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, right, meets with Dermot Ahern, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland at the State Department in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2007. (AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)

Yes, yes, standard matching armchairs stuff, OK? And she's wearing that oddball yellow houndstooth suit with the exaggerated frayed seams, the one in which she tried to woo hunky Canadian diploguy Peter MacKay in. I hope it works better with this one!

But anyway, George Bush is such an asshole! I'm sorry, but I just had to blurt that out! Here's what he had to say today about how he treats his Mocha Princess:
”I delegate to good people. I always tell Condi Rice, ‘I want to remind you, Madam Secretary, who has the Ph.D. and who was the C student. And I want to remind you who the adviser is and who the president is.’

I don't think I've ever had a boss say something like that to me, the meany! Oh! I am just livid!


Matthew Hubbard said...

I want to remind you who is the rich white guy born to privilege who burned away most of his brains cells with liquor and drugs and who is the colored girl spinster who actually did some work at college.

Yassah, Mista Pres'dint! I'ze be reminded constantly!

This is the good natured ribbing that lets you know that you have a close personal friend who is a complete asshole.

Anonymous said...

You know, Princess darling, it's not normally the kind of language I would use (especially in your company), but...

Geez, do we have a Douchebag-in-Chief or what?

Every day one day less of it, though!

Anonymous said...

Bush to Condi:
I delegate to good people. Rumsfeld was a good people. Alberto Gonzales was a good people. Michael Brown was a good people. Harriet Myers was a good people.Colin Powell was a good people. John Ashcroft was a good people. Karl Rove was a fabulous people. Ari Fliesher was a good people. Tony Snow was a good people.
And you is a good people, too.

C student, my ass.
Make that "gentleman's C student."

dguzman said...

Ditto what Matty said. This from the guy who thinks of her as his "sister." What an asshole.

dguzman said...

Also note that her diplo-mullet is growing in nicely.

samael7 said...

My delicate shell-pink ears!

*reads quote*


President Poopy-Pants, your handbasket is waiting. What a bed-wetter.

Anonymous said...

We'll see if he can maintain his sense of "humor" shackled to the bench in his cell in the Hague.

-- desertwind

Anonymous said...

Princess on high,

They -- Bush & Kondi -- reinforce each other’s insecurity. Bush, who felt dumb and inferior at preppy Andover and upper-crusty Yale because he saw himself as a Texas hick (and you know, he may not be faking his Tex-thing, since his earliest formative years were spent in a Texas high school, despite the establishment background of his WASPy family partially out of the East coast), and Kondi, also feeling as something of an Atlanta provincial (despite her own upper black “bourgeoisie” upringing as a the daughter of a minister and with her advanced “degrees”) in the “bigger,adult world.”

They both are terribly INSECURE. He drank, she got her Ph.D.: essentially, one and the same thing.

My hope is that, after the disaster of eight Bush-Rice years is over, the possibly not-yet-lovers go on a cruise, have torrid sex with lots of booze/drugs involved, get married Vegas style, and settle on an island, somewhere in the Pacific, before it disappears into the ocean due to global warming. By “before” I of course meant “as soon as possible.”

Anonymous said...

I have never agreed with you more PSP, however, I also agree with Samael7.

"My delicate shell-pink ears!"