Wednesday, January 24, 2007

SOTU: Condi Prays While Others Applaud

Defense Secretary Robert Gates, left, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, center, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice applaud during President Bush's State of the Union address on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2007. (AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)
And, you know, some people might think this blog focuses on the shallow, unimportant aspects of politics, but Fox News agrees with the Pink Pony that some things are crucial to our understanding of it all:
FOX News's Brian Wilson just informed us that the major color tonight among the lady's outfits this SOTU is purple ("I'm seeing a lot of purple"). He then stated that Nancy Pelosi will be wearing a "sea foam green" outfit. Brit Hume then chimed in to say that Pelosi had intended to wear a different jacket (he asked her about this earlier today), but then spilled chocolate on it, hence the sea-foam green jacket. No news on the fellas' outfits. I'm seeing a lot of black and some blue tonight. Some dark grays, too.
I'm thinking that it's too bad Nancy Pelosi didn't spill chocolate all over the green jacket, because then she'd have that hot Microsoft Zune color scheme.


Anonymous said...

Condi is so totally always in black these days. WHAT is going on? In Milan we're mixing it up with brown at least, and a lot of purples and blues. Black is so--- well, so INSECURE if you know what I mean. Like, "I look fat unless I wear black" insecure. And "I see no hope at all for my future career since I hooked my caravan up to the Bilgesucking Dipstick in the Oval Office" type insecure.

Will SOMEONE please tell her the 'color is not just for the Democrats' and see if she gets the metaphor already?

Anonymous said...

No sooner than Chris Matthews mentioned that there were many women in red... Starting with the first la... well first stepford I should say, do we see Dr. Ferragamo.

Well I am the first to say Black is Beautiful, but I think the whole thing is a bit too somber. And when she was walking in, clasping hands, greeting people and looking so damned...happy, all I could think of is how non-klingon her forhead was. Botox anyone?

That Pelosi green was so wrong. PSP I agree, a spilled hot chocolate would have changed the whole thing into something much more moderne!


Anonymous said...

And what about accessories? The pearl necklace on Condi? Small understated earrings on Pelosi? It's all so last throes of a failed empire.

None dare wear a scarf, of course, because they tremble in fear that they might be compared to You Know Who! (note: not Voldemort, the other one, the one we like.) In these comparisons, mere humans always come up short.

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

fair and balanced... fair and balanced...

Anonymous said...

What up with the several SHOCKING YELLOWS in the house???

I think the chicks should be required to wear bright colors so we can see the CHANGE from male dominated to the correct gender : )

Lulu Maude said...

The color commentary having been given adequate coverage, I find myself wondering about the question of the Condinomination. I'm sure that she passed the current GOP religious litmus test, but her prayer life would be interesting to explore.

Dear Lord, keep the flowers fresh, the arm chairs dust-free and perfectly matched, and the patter meaningless. May I be spared the folly of negotiations one more day. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Princess and friends,

May I confess
to a total incomprehension of what you are talking about in this latest edition of your brilliant blog... I just wear a plain suit (at work) and whatever I can find (at home). Clothes, fashion are simply beyond my understanding, although I share your subtly expressed concern for where the beloved country is going.

I have no idea of the complexities of fashion/color...but love your acute commentary.

Just one reader's opinion. Thanks for all your help.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Condi is holding a little version of her friend.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere online that Sen. Webb spilled coffee on his shirt early in the day and had to change before his "rebuttal" (Pony, does that word make you laugh? Something tells me the answer is "yes!") I'm glad the Democrat-ic party has the majority, but they sure are a spilly bunch!

Anonymous said...

she's not preying. she's holding her small invisible spherical friend again.

Anonymous said...

her invisible spherical friend must shrink when in the House Chamber. Or she had to ensmallen it to get it in past security.