Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Condi's Busy Weekend Wrap-Up!

Palestinians dressed as native Americans participate a protest addressed to visiting U.S Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the Hawara checkpoint in the West Bank town of Nablus Sunday, Jan. 14, 2007. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Sunday he opposes the establishment of a provisional Palestinian state in temporary borders, a key part of the U.S.-backed 'road map' peace plan. (AP Photo/Nasser Ishtayeh)
Condi was soooo busy this weekend on her fabulous Mid-East jaunt. And what did she accomplish? She got photographed just tons! Sure, Donald Trump says she should be fired, but I'm sure all those AP, AFP and Reuters kids totally disagree.

When we last checked in, it was the Condi 'n' Tzipi show in Israel. Where did she skip off to next? Heck, I don't know. Would you believe Yahoo News has 40 pages of photos covering the last three days? Let's just have some random highlights. Here she is having an "updo" day and a matching armchairs moment with the King of Jordan:


A hotel room moment with the President of Egypt:

(AFP/Pool/Goran Tomasevic)

An awkwardly-wide dueling podiums event with the Egyptian Foreign Minister:

(AFP/Pool/Goran Tomasevic)

The photographer's attention wandered to some portraits on the wall while Condi was chatting with Palestinian President Abbas:


And then, finally, she reported everything back to her masters:

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal (2nd L) greets US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice upon her arrival at Riyadh airport in a handout photo from the Saudi Press Association (SPA). Rice met with Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah outside Riyadh on the latest leg of her regional tour. Photo:/AFP
Whew! I think that's mostly it! That brings us up to this morning. As always, Condi had lots of hugs 'n' cuddles, people listened patiently (mostly) to everything she had to say, but nobody took her seriously. So it was a typical Condi weekend, but with working! Yay!

And the best part? She's traveling for three more days! OMG, stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

dude, dude, we said lederhosen, not pow wow.

on second thoughts, maybe they wanna a casino in florida.

wasnt faisal ill or somethang.

when do angela and ursula buy the casino for tzipi.

Anonymous said...


How do you keep up with our Condi? You deserve a medal of honor! Hope you won't be too exhausted by the time Dr. Rice's photooptrip is over...

Christopher1974 said...

where does one get an indian costume in palestine? is that a popular choice? those look pretty nice, so I'm just wondering if this is something you can run down to the $1 store in palestine and pick-up along with cheap sponges and liquid dish soap.

choff said...

And American flags to burn. I can't find a large-enough-to-burn American flag or an Indian costume anywhere. And how do they get their clothes so white?

Anonymous said...

You can organize a protest with thousands of people in the streets, or you can take some time to come up with a good costume. Which one is the sure fire way to get some press?

Or you can take a tablecloth from an Italian restuarant, a bungee cord and the graduation regalia from some assistant professor and... oops, my bad. Those are actually Prince Faisal's everyday talk-to-the-toady togs.

Who is the blonde with the scarf in the background? She looks a little too old to be a "singer" or a "hostess" in Saudi. Also, all PonyPals™ know who wears the scarves on this blog, and it sure isn't Tarmac Background Gal!

Anonymous said...

"And then, finally, she reported everything back to her masters:"

Brilliant political satire oh Princess of all Best Possible Princesses!

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal---did you notice how HUGE his hands are? Like they could grab the world and crush it to a bloooooody pulp. He makes me feel like a mushy wet twinkie....

Does Condi really wear WHITE nail polish? Is it some kind of signal? In the post-mod sense?

And lastly, I think it is very very chic that the King of Jordan matches his suits to the mantelpiece. Bush would never have that much élan.

Carmen Sutra said...

I'm glad they told me Prince Faisal was second from the left. Otherwise, I would have thought that he was that mysterious German woman who has been inserted Where-is-Waldo-style into the photo. As Matty pointed out, whoever she is, she's obviously an Ursula wannabe -either that or she's on her way to the steamroom. Perhaps she's one of Ursula's entourage who was loaned to Condi to coach her on things like, you know, diplomacy or whatevers.

Anonymous said...

Matty the comment hog strikes again!

I didn't notice it until the umpteenth time I looked at the picture (and I think it's intentional) but who the hell is the guy in the very dark outfit with the shiny gold headwear who is directly behind Condi?

Once we find out who he is, the next question is: does he have an alibi for all those times Frodo is being chased in Lord of the Rings?

Lulu Maude said...

It's wonderful to see you coming alive, SP. And what material!

Alas, no one really wants to talk to our Make Nice-r. The gaps between the armchairs, the dueling podia grow each day.

Fortunately, Condi doesn't notice.

Anonymous said...

Look at that dreadful Condi profile (last pix)... her true self?