Saturday, January 13, 2007

Let's Put On a Show

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Israel's Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, right, speak to reporters prior to their meeting in Jerusalem, Saturday, Jan. 13, 2007. Rice launched her latest tour of the Mideast on Saturday with an effort to nudge Israel and the Palestinians closer to a political accommodation. (AP Photo/Ammar Awad,Pool)
The Condi 'n' Tzipi Show! I always love it when the camera "pulls back" a little, and we get to see just how artlessly some of these photo-ops are thrown together. Just duct-tape a tarp to the wall, bring in the flags and the Condibot, and Tzipi's ready to roll! Yay!


Anonymous said...

The Israelis ought to look a little bit happier given that Kindasleezi is supposedly in the area to discuss attacking Iran.

Anonymous said...

Condi, 'marooned' in a sea of beige and blue. The Israeli and American ladyparts were well covered wiht demure hands.

But GODDAM! They have such hangdog expressions on their faces---as if lobbing missiles and killing civilians wasn't FUN anymore. Two little girls, surrounded by ugly guys in uglier ties---to this middling-aged Pony Pal it smells like heaven.

Anonymous said...

More of the 'protecting the parts' position from both gals and the closest guy off camera. If they are forming a wall to protect against a free kick, they should be standing closer together.

I think it's beginning to dawn on Condi that not only isn't she going to bring peace to the Middle East, she's never going to be NFL Commissioner either. She probably doesn't even have a shot at playing a piano at a smoky bistro while k.d. lang sings some love tune laced with regret. Can regret get any regret-ier?

Like Sally Fields' character in Soapdish, she's the Queen of Heartbreak™.

Anonymous said...

ps saints did great by us, condi didnt know it at the time of the photo, but they rocked and wow, deuce, drew and reggie, so good looking.

jeff garcia, ya a brave, brave man.

bye bye

Anonymous said...

i dont know if ya caught it but apparently mohd abbas told condi that he dont wanna a temporary pallie state, well, we dont either.

becoz he not gonna get a pallie state, it'll be a couple or 3 enclaves and an israeli state.

also there is a pallie state called jordan and finally, angela merkel and ms plassnik can fix him a nice pallie state in europe, he will look great in the lederhosen, really he will and buxon babes will improve his mood remarkably.

that and the beer.

and my boyfrn charles hadlock went back into hiding and refused to show up on the video with johhny seigenthaler, so we can go back to kissing jamie robertson tummy, it gets kissed by so many peeps and those eurogals anyway, what the heck.

bye bye.

plus charles was talking rot about frozen stuff, ya know a lil tiffany heart or a chopard dancing diamonds would thaw a lot, thas all im saying, just think about it.

just becoz ya gay or polygamous or mad is no reason to be stingy is it.

bye bye.

thas all, thas what we tell ms plassnik and ms merkel too, just be generous and we take care of the rest, bye bye.

Lulu Maude said...

Gosh. All this analysis.

I just want to feel the magic.

Anonymous said...

Both ladies look as if they were being impaled by their own flag -- shades of the Exorcist, can't remember which sequel...

Anonymous said...

Covered ladyparts AND such sad expressions? I am concerned. It seems much more than a botched Brazilian at this point. WTF... And Tzipi's colors are all so wrong. It looks like she has no legs!!

Anonymous said...

Condi's diary

Anonymous said...

On second thought (and dying to waste the rest of my life on the internet with the Pony Pals) the covering the ladyparts bit might be a code. Something about muffins. Something about yoghurt. Hell, I don't know. The Russians probably do though......

Al Quae Blini, get my drift? Nudge nudge.

Anonymous said...

apparently condi has invited olmert and abbas for what they are calling a 3 way summit, I think this means georgie, ehud and mohd are all 3 gonna lick her pussy and call it a day, since no real issues will be discussed.

i think condi will be feeling the magic in her panty hose, but I doubt anybody else will.

its like sharm el sheikh where they spent $300 000 for an airconditioning system to blow up their skirts, or in georgie's case, make his tushie feel all tingly.

i would guess good luck is the operative term.

also have a nice day.

bye bye

Christopher1974 said...

what's with the blue tarp? are they going to blue screen in a background later? matching chairs? a hotel room? a beach scene? i need to see the final edited product!