Friday, December 08, 2006

Meat 'n' Greet

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (R) shakes hands with Igor Ivanov, Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, before their meeting in the Secretary's Outer Office at the State Department in Washington December 8, 2006. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas (UNITED STATES)
YAY! It's Sparklefave Reuters snapper Yuri Gripas back in the driver's seat at the State Department. And, well, um, yeah, another matching armchairs shot effortlessly achieved! Phew! I have to say, though: poinsettias? Tsk.

Also, Tzipi's comin' for a roll in ze hay with Condi!


Anonymous said...

Some people like having their pictures taken standing next to cardboard cutouts. Some enterprising photog is going to make a mostly fake backdrop with one real comfy chair where people can shake hands with Cardboard Condi!

You can show that you are a real Pony Pal(TM) if you have such a picture on your mantlepiece!

samael7 said...

Thank heaven for Yuri's return. It looks to me like nearly the exact same setup as a couple of days ago with the Ukrainian minister, sans the chardonnay-apholstered sitting chairs.

They may be the same poinsettias too.

I'm still not a fan of a white armchair or white/sheer hose at this time of year (and not just because it's after labor day and all), but if you had any reservations about Mr Gripas' skill, this should stir the debate (compare to previous photo). And that's *with* microphones on booms inserted into the foreground like an unwelcome advance by a trenchcoat clad man on a subway.

He's managed to make Condi look nearly human and not at all vampiric, despite the fact that she's wearing what she was buried in and is shaking hands with someone authentically named "Igor."

That's true talent, my friends.

Anonymous said...

A fine photo indeed, but seeing it, I'm a little concerned (if not nearly as concerned as the Men at Concerned Women of America) - the good doctor appears to have taken on a sitting version of the crouch she adopted for the Kennedy Center Honors, giving her a distinctly folded-over-herself kind of quality.

The posture, combined with the shiny hose (and is somebody ever going to have a chat with her about that?), not to mention the funeral suit, means that from the neck down she looks like my great aunt Edna at about 85. Incipient osteoporosis? Photo-op fatigue?

At least the pearls are back...

Anonymous said...

Where, pray tell dear Princess, is the Polonium?

Anonymous said...

Muscato, I think the weight of her mighty intellect is weighing down her frail, human body. In a few years, she'll be all head with a tiny body. She and George will live together at that ranch in South America and he'll chuckle while his pet gerbils chase her around. One day, his whisky breath will catch on fire when he's flicking matches at the local orphans and all of it---Condi, George = The Greatest Love Ever Known To Man = up in flames.

Now I feel better. This 'visualization' shit really works when you're feeling bluet!

Anonymous said...

I mean 'blue'. I have no idea what 'bluet' is unless it's a sad cousin to 'suet'.

Anonymous said...

Could Condi -- looking, as Princess's astute readers are suggesting, not at her best -- have been hit by a dose of Polonium, courtesy of the sneaky russki sitting next to her?