Friday, December 08, 2006

CSPAN Spreads Holiday Cheer

How totally jolly! Pony Pal™ Fritz, this blog's inside man at CSPAN, sends along the above peculiar juxtaposition of words and picture. Um... ho, ho, ho! Fritz notes:
C-SPAN’s Capital News ticker spreads the holiday cheer. These children don’t have to worry, though, because they are safely being paraded around by a guy who likes to play dress-up and hand out toys to curry their favor.
So... is it me, or has Schumer put on a little weight?


Anonymous said...

With that much disguise, it could be Mark Foley or Ted Haggard in that red suit.

Run, children, run! Run for your virgin lives! (Except the girls... if it's Foley or Haggard, they are pretty safe.)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's ted haggard.

have a hunky junky xmas!


Anonymous said...

There is a lot of matching scarf action going on. Do you think it is some kind of sexual predator code?